How do I stay calm during the storm that is Coronavirus (or COVID 19)? Even while my bank account gets smaller thanks to the recession its causing? And even as the next few months promise to get worse before they get better?

Here are the two mindset practices that I use (and teach my coaching clients) that save me from diving off the deep end. My hope is that they may also help you avoid falling too deep into fear.

First, I tell you about my daily mindset practice. I do this in the shower because it’s the only time I know I’ll get to myself each day, but you can do it any time. You just need 5-10 mins. of quiet. You’ll ask yourself three questions:

    • 1. What am I feeling? What issues are coming up for me right now? Where am I feeling resentment, frustration, fear? On what thoughts do I keep spinning?
    • 2. What are the facts? What do I know to be true? It’s amazing how often when I ask my clients about facts that they start citing feelings and beliefs, not facts. I’ll end up homeless is not a fact. My bank account is at $100 is a fact.
    • 3. What’s my choice here? Here’s the hard truth: You only have control over your reactions. You can’t control circumstances like coronavirus, and you can’t control others (like my husband being sick right now). You can only control how you react to those things. So, what choice are you going to make.
    • This process is designed to take you from a reactionary state to a proactive state.
  • Second, I share my morning routine that I’ve more recently implemented (after fighting a morning routine forever). You could do it at any time, but I do find it powerful as a way to start your day in the right frame of mind.
    • 10 mins. of meditation
    • Say the Prayer of St. Francis aloud (and I’m NOT religious)
    • Send healing thoughts to others in need (this is very woo-woo for me, but I like how it makes me feel)
    • Ask myself 4 questions:
      • How can I show gratitude today?
      • How can I live into my values today?
      • What’s one thing I can do to move, even incrementally, closer to my goal today?
      • How can I show myself love today?