Hi, I’m Becky Mollenkamp.

I believe women deserve to feel powerful and fulfilled. As a business mindset coach, I help my clients see possibilities they never believed possible, while also finding contentment in the here and now. I offer 1:1 coaching, have a few online courses, and host my own podcast, The Gutsy Boss. As a former journalist, I know how to conduct myself in an interview and am completely comfortable behind the mic.

I’d love to be a guest on your podcast, speak at your event, offer a masterclass to your community, or write a guest post for your blog. I’d be happy to work with you to craft a presentation that best suits your audience, or below are a few topics I routinely address.

Defeat Imposter Syndrome
Most business owners deal with sneaky feelings of being a fraud. I’ve helped hundreds of women with this issue, and can talk about what works—and DOESN’T—to silence the nasty inner critic.

3 Powerful Questions
At its most basic, my work boils down to 3 questions (What am I feeling? What are the facts? What is my choice?). I’ll share why each question matters, and how to use them to shift your thinking about anything.

Ask for What You Want
Stop waiting for permission to ask for what you want and need! Give yourself permission to live a big life, to go after what you want. I’ll share why women are afraid to make asks, and tips for how to get over those fears.

Lessons from Creating a Summit in 13 Days
To give back to the online business community during the Coronvirus crisis, I hosted a free virtual summit—and did it in 13 days. I learned some valuable lessons that apply to all aspects of business and life.

Think Like a Millionaire
Let’s talk about the most common lies we people believe about money, what separates the mindsets of millionaires from everyone else, and tips on how to begin shifting from scarcity to abundance thinking.

When Life Hands You Lemons
The Great Recession hit, my marriage fell apart, and my brother died—all in less than a year. My 6-figure business crumbled to barely four figures.
I learned valuable lessons for handling crises as a business owner.

Podcast Appearances

Date Brazen
Ep. 62 5/25/21
The Patriarchy and Your Dating Mindset

Financially Free with Cleo
Ep. 22 4/20/21
Elevating Your Mindset and Self-Love Practices

Power Up Your Performance
Ep. 147 3/24/21
Stop Beating Yourself Up and Pushing Through

Reimagining Hustle
S2, E3 3/23/21
Don’t Live Hustled, Live Inspired

Let’s Get Stabby
Ep. 2 2/16/21
How to Stop Living a Life of Shoulds & Thrive on Your Own Terms

Dialed In!
Ep. 103 12/23/20
Holiday Survival Series: Eliminate the Pressure of “New Year, New You”

Date Brazen
Ep. 39 12/8/20
How to Move Past the “Shoulds” in Your Dating Life

The Badass Phoenix
Ep. 6 12/6/20
With Becky Mollenkamp

Scale Your Freelancing
Ep. 12 11/25/20
Why Black-and-White thinking is Detrimental to Growing a Six-Figure Business

Shameless Mom Academy
Ep. 480 9/30/20
Self Forgiveness in the Wake of Addiction and Infidelity

Rise Through Strife
Ep. 34 7/15/20
Dreaming Big in Business & Life

Eat the Damn Bread
Ep. 19 6/30/20
Girl, You Asked for It

Online Business Clinic
Ep. 48 6/22/20
8 Lessons from Launching an Online Summit in 13 Days

Happiness Happens
Ep. 71 5/24/20
Mastering Your Mindset and Understanding Imposter Syndrome

More than a Parent
Ep. 19 5/12/20
Guest Roundup: Whole Selfcare for Mamas

Making it Real
How to Realize + Stop Limiting Beliefs in their Tracks

Females on Fire
Ep. 73 3/20/20
Preparing Your Business to Handle a Life Crisis

The Honest Product Bench
Ep. 40 2/27/20
Finding Rest in Imposter Syndrome

Thrive Blogger
Ep. 59 2/20/20
Working Through Mindset Blocks

One Simple Shift
Ep. 71 1/28/20
One of the Absolute Best Ways to Get More of What You Want in Life and Biz

Find Your Awesome
Find Your Awesome

Sell it, Sister
Ep. 24 9/25/19
How to Handle Imposter Syndrome

Your Content Empire Show
Ep. 16 7/31/19
The Crucial Mindset Shifts Holding You Back from Getting Results with Content

The LiveFree Podcast
Ep. 43 3/11/19
How to Leverage LinkedIn as a Freelancer to Land Clients

Bridging Herstory
Ep. 11 2/4/19
How to Build an Engaging and Successful Facebook Group

The Power of Owning Your Career
Ep. 4 1/20/19
Pivot Til You Get it Right

The Impact Driven Entrepreneur
Ep. 79 12/12/18
How to Overcome Grief While Running Your Business

The Unforgettable Podcast
Ep. 107 12/11/18
Model How You Want Your People to Show Up

Women are the Journey
Ep. 54, 12/11/18
Story of the Shift

Thrive by Design
Ep. 171, 10/16/18
How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Jewelry Sales

Systems Saved Me with Jordan Gill
Ep. 116, 8/1/18
How to Get Found on LinkedIn in 3 Simple Ways

FamilyPreneur with Meg Brunson
Ep. 31, 7/18/18
Navigating Mindset & Tactical Struggles

Gratitude + Grace
Ep. 8, 6/26/18
Crush Your Goals by Owning Your Story

Neka Said
Ep. 2, 5/31/18
How to Effectively Use LinkedIn in Your Service-Based Business

Ambitious Motherhood with Katie Fleming
Ep. 24, 4/2/18
How to Build an Engaged Facebook Group and Community

Biz Women Rock!
Ep. 35, 4/1/18
How to Be Found on LinkedIn

Courage & Clarity
Ep. 75, 1/22/18
Grief, Growth & Keys To A Hyper-Engaged Facebook Group

The Inspired Women Podcast
Ep. 55, 1/18/18
Healing Through Grief

Legal-EASE for Entrepreneurs
Ep. 35, 11/22/17
Becky Mollenkamp Helps Creative Solopreneurs Attract Corporate Clients Using LinkedIn

Process to Profitability
Ep. 22, 10/5/17
Transitioning from Corporate Clients to One-On-One Work

The Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast
Ep. 35, 8/28/17
How to Treat Your Online Business Like a Business

Strategy Hour
Ep. 97, 8/11/17
Landing Corporate Clients as a Creative Entrepreneur

The School of Bravery
Ep. 33, 3/14/17
How to Create a Crisis Toolkit for Grief & Depression

Virtual Summits

“Develop a Gutsy Mindset and Navigate Imposter Syndrome”
Reload Conference + Retreat • May 2021

“Cultivating a Healthy Launch Mindset”
Rebel Boss Virtual Summit • May 2021

“When You Feel Like a Fraud: Managing Imposter Syndrome Without Shame or Blame”
Calligraphy Biz Summit • March 2021

“The Problem with Requests for Love & Light: Why Mindset Won’t Solve Racism”
Hill Roundatbles • Feb. 2021

“How to Stop Scarcity Thinking (So You Can Make More Money)”
Business Blueprint Global Summit • Jan. 2021

“How to Shift from Scarcity to Abundance Thinking”
Calligraphy Biz Summit • Oct. 2020

“How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome”
It Starts With You • Sept. 2020

“Imposter Syndrome: How to Rise Above & Become Unstoppable”
Profitable Soul-Led Business • Sept. 2020

“Use Values to Make Focused Decisions:
From Frazzled to Finished • Sept. 2020

“Imposter Syndrome”
Moms Making Millions • June 2020

“Overcoming Imposter Syndrome”
Mindset Mastery Summit • May 2020

“How to Ask for What You Want & Need”
The New Normal Summit • March 2020

“Stop Letting Imposter Syndrome Keep You From Being Rich!”
Your Big Sexy Year Summit • Nov. 2019

“Money Mindset for the Non-Woo Business Owner”
Your Big Sexy Year Summit • May 2019

“The Power of Engaged Facebook Groups 101”
Women’s Business Systems • Nov. 2018

“Create a Mastermind to Create Success”
Business Basics Bootcamp • Feb. 2018

“Masterminds & Networking”
BizBFF Summit • Dec. 2017

“How to Build a Successful Freelance Writing Business”
Content Marketing Success Summit • Nov. 2017

“Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Small Business”
The Creativepreneur Summit • Oct. 2017

“Imposter Syndrome”
Infopreneur Summit • May 2017