Hi, I’m Becky Mollenkamp.

I believe women deserve to feel unapologetically powerful and fulfilled. As a business mindset coach, I help my clients see possibilities they never believed possible, while also finding contentment in the here and now. I offer 1:1 coaching, run The Gutsy Boss Club, and host my own podcast, The Gutsy Boss. As a former journalist, I know how to conduct myself in an interview and am completely comfortable behind the mic.

I’d love to be a guest on your podcast, speak at your event, offer a masterclass to your community, or write a guest post for your blog. I’d be happy to work with you to craft a presentation that best suits your audience, or below are a few topics I routinely address.

When Life Hands You Lemons: 
The Great Recession hit, my marriage fell apart, and my brother died—all in less than a year. My 6-figure business crumbled to barely four figures. I eventually rebuilt my business—then I had a miscarriage. W
hen our personal lives fall apart, so can our businesses. I can share tips for handling crises as a business owner, including why there’s no shame in taking a bridge job during these times.

Stop Letting Imposter Syndrome Keep You Stuck:
Do you frequently feel like a total fraud? You’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome is perhaps the most common limiting belief among high-achieving women. Learn what it is and how to identify it, the way most people try to fight it (and why it doesn’t work), and a practical approach to loving yourself through it.

The Power of Masterminds: 
Nothing has helped my business more than peer-led mastermind groups (I’ve been in 4 in as many years, and I started two of them). I can talk about why masterminds are so powerful for business owners, the difference between a peer-led and a paid mastermind, how to start and run a successful mastermind, and the signs of a bad mastermind.

Crush Your Goals:
There was once a time when I was easily distracted by shiny objects. I wanted to do #AllTheThings … and it left me spinning (and dropping) a lot of plates but never actually finishing anything. Finally, I developed a system that shows me exactly what to work on at any given moment. I can talk about why so many of us never accomplish our goals and offer solutions for finally crushing them.

Podcast Appearances

Sell it, Sister
Ep. 24 9/25/19
“How to Handle Imposter Syndrome”

Your Content Empire Show
Ep. 16 7/31/19
“The Crucial Mindset Shifts Holding You Back from Getting Results with Content”

The LiveFree Podcast
Ep. 43 3/11/19
“How to Leverage LinkedIn as a Freelancer to Land Clients”

Bridging Herstory
Ep. 11 2/4/19
“How to Build an Engaging and Successful Facebook Group”

The Power of Owning Your Career
Ep. 4 1/20/19
“Pivot Til You Get it Right”

The Impact Driven Entrepreneur
Ep. 79 12/12/18
“How to Overcome Grief While Running Your Business”

The Unforgettable Podcast
Ep. 107 12/11/18
“Model How You Want Your People to Show Up”

Women are the Journey
Ep. 54, 12/11/18
“Story of the Shift”

Thrive by Design
Ep. 171, 10/16/18
“How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Jewelry Sales”

Systems Saved Me with Jordan Gill
Ep. 116, 8/1/18
“How to Get Found on LinkedIn in 3 Simple Ways”

FamilyPreneur with Meg Brunson
Ep. 31, 7/18/18
Navigating Mindset & Tactical Struggles

Gratitude + Grace
Ep. 8, 6/26/18
Crush Your Goals by Owning Your Story

Neka Said
Ep. 2, 5/31/18
How to Effectively Use LinkedIn in Your Service-Based Business

Ambitious Motherhood with Katie Fleming
Ep. 24, 4/2/18
How to Build an Engaged Facebook Group and Community

Biz Women Rock!
Ep. 35, 4/1/18
How to Be Found on LinkedIn

Courage & Clarity
Ep. 75, 1/22/18
Grief, Growth & Keys To A Hyper-Engaged Facebook Group

The Inspired Women Podcast
Ep. 55, 1/18/18
Healing Through Grief

Legal-EASE for Entrepreneurs
Ep. 35, 11/22/17
Becky Mollenkamp Helps Creative Solopreneurs Attract Corporate Clients Using LinkedIn

Process to Profitability
Ep. 22, 10/5/17
Transitioning from Corporate Clients to One-On-One Work

The Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast
Ep. 35, 8/28/17
How to Treat Your Online Business Like a Business

Strategy Hour
Ep. 97, 8/11/17
Landing Corporate Clients as a Creative Entrepreneur

The School of Bravery
Ep. 33, 3/14/17
How to Create a Crisis Toolkit for Grief & Depression

Virtual Summits

“Stop Letting Imposter Syndrome Keep You From Being Rich!”
Your Big Sexy Year Summit • Nov. 2019

“Money Mindset for the Non-Woo Business Owner”
Your Big Sexy Year Summit • May. 2019

“The Power of Engaged Facebook Groups 101”
Women’s Business Systems • Nov. 2018

“Create a Mastermind to Create Success”
Business Basics Bootcamp • Feb. 2018

“Masterminds & Networking”
BizBFF Summit • Dec. 2017

“How to Build a Successful Freelance Writing Business”
Content Marketing Success Summit • Nov. 2017

“Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Small Business”
The Creativepreneur Summit • Oct. 2017

“Imposter Syndrome”
Infopreneur Summit • May 2017