The Gutsy Boss Coaching Program

The Gutsy Boss Coaching Program

I’m so excited to announce that I’m now officially an ICF-certified coach! This announcement is the culmination of six chaotic months of classes and logging coaching hours while juggling a full-time business, and raising a 3 year old—all at the same time as my husband was juggling a full-time job and earning his master’s degree.

In addition to popping some bubbly to celebrate this occasion, I also feel like this is the perfect time to share about my coaching program, The Gutsy Boss. This is the program I’ve developed after 150+ hours of coaching work over the last year. It’s been transformative for my clients, and I’m so excited to share it with even more women.

Is Mindset Coaching For You?

Have you used different tools, exercises, and hacks for coping with your limiting beliefs, only to get frustrated that they don’t work well for very long—or not at all? That’s because those quick-fix solutions are like putting a band-aid on a deep cut. It may slow the bleeding, but only stitches will actually stop it.

Maybe you’ve even tried to do some deeper work by reading self-help books? Now your bookshelf is stuffed with the works of Brené Brown, Gabby Bernstein, Jen Sincero—but nothing has really changed. That’s because trying to DIY your way out of things like Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination (or any self-sabotage technique) is like trying to give yourself those stitches—it may be possible, but it sure ain’t easy.

Are you the kind of person who realizes the value of driving yourself to urgent care instead of waiting until it becomes an emergency? The kind of person who’d rather trust a professional to help instead of stubbornly, and painfully, trying to fix things yourself?

Mindset coaching may be exactly what you need to finally get out from under the thumb of your limiting beliefs.

Here’s what you can expect with my approach to one-on-one coaching, called The Gutsy Boss:

Step 1 / Shift

We’ll spend a little time looking backward. Don’t worry, this isn’t therapy so we won’t stay there for long. For one or two calls, I’ll ask you questions and give you exercises all designed to uncover the patterns you’ve been repeating that are keeping you stuck or stalled.

Almost every single one of my clients has had or is in therapy, yet they all leave this process with some form of “wow, I can’t believe I never saw that before!” And the good news is that once you see it, you can’t un-see it; this recognition piece often changes everything for my clients.

Step 2 / Align

Once we know the stories you’ve been telling yourself, we can get to work on the forward-progress (and most important) part of our work. Writing a new, more empowered story. And that starts by figuring out who you truly are, what really matters to you, and why shifting your personal narrative is so important.

My favorite part of this process is getting clear about your values—and not in the superficial way many business coaches teach. This work allows you to finally have a foolproof system for making decisions you won’t regret, and for creating contentment or even joy RIGHT NOW (even if nothing else ever changes).

Step 3 / Thrive

After getting crystal clear about where you’ve been stuck and how you want to show up in the world, the rest of our time will be figuring out how to bridge that gap. We’ll map out your goals, talk about what steps you must take to realize them, and come up with practical strategies for dealing with the roadblocks that will get in your way (because believe me, there will always be roadblocks).


How Mindset Coaching Can Help

How will you feel after working with me? Much of that depends on you. How deep are you willing to go? Will you turn yourself over to the process? Will you commit to working on these issues between calls? When you go all in, however, the changes can be amazing. Let me share a few of my clients’ experiences.

I only had one session with Ira, but she says that single call was enough to help her feel instant relief about some of the baggage she’d been carrying around her entire life. ““Becky is a genius at what she does. After just one call with her, I felt instant relief and made a huge shift in my money mindset. She over delivered, and I left the call speechless and my mind was blown.”

After working with Kyla for just four sessions, she stopped feeling so frustrated and stuck. But even more important, she understood how she got there in the first place. Now she says she can plan her days to feel phenomenal with almost no effort. “If you’re on the fence, take the plunge! Becky is the coach you’ve been waiting for, and she’ll help you get out of your own way.”

Finally, let me tell you about Angela. Like so many of my clients, the changes she’s experienced have been truly transformational. In one session, she understood how her mindset blocks were affecting all aspects of her life. Perhaps most importantly, she was able to clearly define her personal values—work she says she couldn’t have done alone. She now uses them daily to guide her choices and to help her find balance when she falls off course. She says they’ve saved her many times. “Becky’s work with me has been a true lifesaver, and I’d recommend Becky’s mindset work to anyone ready to live her best life!”

I could share so many stories similar to those of Ira, Kyla, and Angela. And you could be the next to experience these kinds of results.


Getting Started with Mindset Coaching

Are you ready to say enough is enough, to dig in and do the hard work, and create meaningful and lasting transformations in your mindset? If you’re ready, I’m ready too. I’m here for you.

If you book a free discovery call with me, here’s what will happen:

You’ll choose a day and time on my calendar that fits your schedule, then get an email with a Zoom link (it’s a free program that will allow us to have a video chat). When our call time arrives, we’ll both log into Zoom, and I’ll guide us through a short conversation. I won’t pressure you to invest in coaching, and I won’t ask you a bunch of deeply personal questions. It’s just a time to ask questions of each other that will help you decide if I’m the right person to help you make mindset shifts.

One last thing. I want to encourage you to take a moment to imagine where you could be in six months if you make the choice now to let go of your limiting beliefs and become the powerful and fulfilled woman you deserve to be. What might you have accomplished already if you’d made that decision six months ago?

Don’t let another six months go by without taking action. Don’t let yourself stay stuck any longer. My hope for you is that six months from now (or, if we work together, likely far sooner) that you’ll no longer let limiting beliefs and self-sabotage keep you stuck. That you’ll have the confidence, vision, and tools necessary to silence your inner critic and start playing bigger.


5 Books About Habits

5 Books About Habits

How to Change & Be Sure it Sticks!

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my link, the price you pay won’t be different, but I may receive a small commission. Buying through my link is a small but kind way to reward the free content I share. Thank you.

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear

I highly recommend this book that offers practical strategies for forming good habits, breaking bad ones, and mastering the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results. I love the focus in this book on small, incremental change and how it can add up to a manageable and sustainable new habit. 

“The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

This book digs into the science about how habits are formed, how they function, how they can be modified, and how they influence our lives and our business world. If you’re looking for “hacks” to change your habits, this isn’t for you. If, however, you’re like me and love to really understand how your brain works, then you’ll enjoy the well-researched aspect of this book.

“The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal

I love a well-researched book, and this is definitely one of those. It explains the science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve health, happiness, and productivity. This book is equal parts informative, inspiring, and practical with exercises to help you begin forming new habits.

“High-Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard

Coach Brendon Burchard shares the six habits that he says move the needle the most in helping you succeed (based on his research with high achievers). The book includes exercises and daily practices you can implement to begin developing these important habits.

“One Day My Soul Just Opened Up” by Iyanla Vanzant

If you’re not into spirituality and self-help, steer clear of this one. If you are, however, this 40-day journal/workbook provides daily lessons and practices to help you think about and rewire your internal habits.

Own it, Crush it VIP

Own it, Crush it VIP

It seems like every coach has a business membership community these days, right? I’m no exception, but I do happen to think my community is exceptional.

In fact, there’s nothing I’m more proud of having created than the Own it, Crush it VIP membership community. (Well, other than my amazing son, of course!)

It’s big talk, and I absolutely mean it.

Of course, I realize you don’t yet know how magical VIP is. I also know that investing in a membership is a big decision. You need to be certain it’s a space where you’ll feel comfortable and where you’ll get a good return on your investment.



The truth is, VIP isn’t for everyone. In this post, I want to help you really understand the membership so you can decide if it’s right for you. That’s why I want to do more than just tell you about VIP. I want to give you a sneak peek at what you really get.

This post offers a peek behind the curtain by giving a snapshot of everything that happens in the group within a specific month (January 2019).

Each month, the group has a specific theme (Focus, in this case). We read a related book together (“How to Get Sh*t Done” by Erin Falconer for Jan. 2019), participate in a monthly challenge together (here it’s creating & implementing block scheduling), and learn from a keynote presenter (CEO of Hello Boss Ashley Knight here). I also be share my best tips related to the theme.

Each month is also dotted with other fun, inspiring, and practical activities—co-working, mastermind hot seats, book club chat, and a virtual mixer.

Perhaps best of all, we kick off each month with a two-hour CEO Seat … it’s a structured group planning session where we map out your month so you know what you need to do each week to reach your goals. Every VIP member is assigned an accountability pod when they join, so they have a group of bosses invested in making sure they do what they said they would each month.

Everything happens live, but I know it’s not realistic for most members to fit everything into their busy schedules. That’s why the events are also recorded and made available right away for watching at your leisure.

The content lives on forever in the membership dashboard. Members can access everything at any time—grab the month’s schedule, challenge information, bonus resources from me, and all the videos.

Plus, members have access to an ever-growing library of masterclasses (there are more than 30 videos right now) from a bunch of smart guest lecturers. They cover general business tactics, social media tactics, mindset help, writing tips, and more.

What I can’t show so easily is the community. That’s something you have to experience to really understand. As soon as you join, you get access to the private Facebook and Slack groups where a lot of the real magic of VIP happens.

All I can do is tell you what others say about it, and hope you can feel the sincerity in what they are saying:

  • “The supportive, caring, and brilliant women inside VIP are why I will continue to be a member for as long as I can” Ann Marie O’Braskin
  • “OICI VIP is full of supportive, engaged, and encouraging people, who gladly share insights and tips to help one another grow their businesses.” Katie Wood
  • “I have never belonged to a group where people are so willing to help one another just to simply be helpful. You actually feel how much people care about others in the group.” Jacqueline Julien
  • “When you’re here and surrounded by so many other business women who have passion and drive it really makes the difference.” Nicole Amos

It’s a lot for only $75 a month (with no long-term commitment). I hope this gave you a good glimpse into what you’ll get and how you’ll feel when you join VIP.



If you want in, get on the wait list. Doors only open three times a year, and you don’t want to miss one of those opportunities (the next enrollment period is coming in early December 2018).

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Having a small business is taxing, and not just on your pocketbook. If you’re like most small business owners, you can’t afford much help in the beginning. That leaves you to do much of the day-to-day work yourself. On top of that, you have to get the word out about your business. After all, the more people who know about you, the more revenue you’ll have and the better your chances of hiring some help.

It might feel like you’re chasing your tail, but don’t throw in the towel. Check out these four tips to boost your brand awareness without breaking the bank.

4 ways to boost brand awareness when you're on a budget

1. Social Media

Social media is an inexpensive way to build brand awareness. Ads allow you to target a specific location so people who live in that area will see it in their feeds. While putting money behind your ad campaign will help a lot, you don’t necessarily need to spend any money, and can instead grow your following organically.

Be sure to research your audience before you decide which social media platforms are right for your business.  You don’t want to waste time using the wrong platforms, and you definitely don’t have time to try to use all of them.

Use social media to engage with customers and get to know them in addition to advertising for your business. Build a relationship with your customers instead of coming off as too self-promotional. Make sure your posts show the value customers will get. Use bold images with bright colors to stand out in people’s newsfeeds. Remember to respond to all customer questions, comments, and queries—even the negative ones—in a timely manner.


2. Direct Mail

Like social media ads, direct mail also lets you target a specific neighborhood. Unlike social media and email, though, direct mail typically gets noticed easier. Direct mail also has a longer shelf life than a digital ad because people tend to keep it to refer to later.

It’s important to make your mail stand out. Put it in a branded envelope using a script font to address it. People will be more likely to open it because it will look like a personal letter instead of an ad. To that end, use a real stamp instead of a bulk mail stamp. Use direct mail to introduce people to your brand by inviting them to check you out on social media, inviting them to an upcoming event, or giving them a coupon.


3. Community Service

Community service serves two purposes. First, it helps others. Second, it gets your name out there. The scale in which you want to serve the community is up to you, depending on your time and your budget.

One of the more elaborate ways is to organize some sort of area cleanup. It can be in the area of your business or somewhere in your neighborhood, such as a local park. A little less intensive method is to organize some sort of collection. You can accept canned food for local shelters or soup kitchens, pet food and supplies for animal shelters or backpacks and school supplies for area schools. The easiest way is through money. Accept donations and offer to match them up to a certain amount, or offer a portion of your proceeds during a designated time to charity. If you’d rather give time, you also can offer to sit on the board of a local charitable organization. Not only does this get your name out there, it also allows you the chance to network with other board members.


4. Mobile Billboard

Now it’s time to take your brand to the streets! You have to drive places anyway, so you might as well get some advertising in for your brand at the same time. Consider using your vehicle as a mobile billboard with custom window decals, magnets or wraps. You can choose a specific product based on your budget and what will work best with your particular vehicle.

This gives you the opportunity to reach everyone along your commute each day, as well as others when you’re out running errands; imagine all of those bumper stickers, vanity plates and window decals you observe in your daily travels. Plus, it will definitely get noticed during a traffic jam.

Be sure your vehicle design is consistent with all of your other marketing materials. Most importantly, make sure to be on your best driving behavior. You don’t want anyone to associate negative feelings with your brand because you cut them off in traffic.


Owning a small business is a lot of work. There’s more to it than opening a shop and making sure you have enough inventory. You have to get your name out there. But, as the saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.” There are many ways to do that, but hopefully, these four tips will help you boost brand awareness without breaking the bank.

How to Fire Clients

How to Fire Clients

It’s never easy to do, but sometimes we business owners have to fire clients. There are a lot of reasons why it can happen, and none of them make the process any less difficult.

In my latest Mindset Minute for my YouTube channel, I’m sharing a few tips for identifying when it may be time to fire clients, as well as a few strategies for doing it right. It is possible to end the client relationship without burning a bridge.

To make sure you find out about my latest YouTube videos, subscribe to my channel!


How to fire clients without burning a bridge. A video lesson from

Niche marketing

Niche marketing

GUEST POST from Paula Creed-Smith

Often times, we business owners approach advertising in an overly generalized manner. I want to share a few thoughts on marketing to your niche target in a more effective and deliberate fashion.

niche marketing

Niche Outside the Box

Start by building your target audience. The idea is to start general, but refine your audience as you narrow down who you’re seeking out.

Let’s say you’re a 27-year-old fashion consultant in a smaller metro area. Immediately, you may identify upper-class women aged 35-50 in the nearest larger metro. Next, identify more details about her like activities related to expendable income, like fitness classes at an elite health center. A woman who attends health facilities is obviously health conscious and may have a certain image she wants to project.

That’s the easy target. Now, how about identifying wild-cards targets—relatively outlandish ideas of who may benefit from your service. For example, that same fashion consultant might consider offering courses on professional attire at local businesses or the library. Even more adventurous? Speed dating events, where she could do a quick talk on what’s hot vs not on a first date and raffle off a free consultation. Ready for another? Travel agencies. Who doesn’t need a little help to rock the hottest fashions while on vacation? Give agents a free consult to prime the well, and leave cards with them so they can share with their clients.

I’m sure you see where I am going with this. The idea is to forget what you know about the typical target. If you already know who that is, move on to who else you could connect with.

Decrypt Digital Marketing

Now, let’s transition to the meat and potatoes of marketing—your digital footwork. I’d like to start with Facebook, which has maintained its footing even as new social media platforms come and go. Facebook, in my opinion, is the holy grail of marketing.

*Disclaimer: You should always focus on building relationships. Avoid posting spammy ads in groups and not participating. Seek out your target, but actually engage with them. Click, comment, like, and share. Create an impression and be memorable. Even if someone can’t personally use you, the relationship you build with them will allow them to think of you and make recommendations.

If you have a business page on Facebook (get one now if you don’t), post regularly and share the content on your profile as well. Encourage your family and friends to engage directly with the business page, not the shared post. Remember to encourage your friends and family to select “see first” when following your page.

Also, don’t be afraid to get personal and share real life stories. I love hearing from fellow mom bosses that their kids make them crazy. That I’m not the only one with a strange obsession with coffee. Your audience will also appreciate these things. It’s a deeper connection with immeasurable return on investment.

Another platform to have an active presence on is Instagram, which is an incredible resource for visual elements. It opens the door to networking with other professionals. Thanks to apps like “Textgram” you can create notes and share them on Instagram as an image.

Here’s where Instagram edges out Facebook—hashtags allow you to more easily put yourself in front of your targets’ eyes. If you’re a realtor trying to sell a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom townhouse, for example, you can post a collage of photos and use hashtags (#newlyweds #firsttime #homebuyer #starterhome #college, etc.) to get in front of your ideal client. Hashtags also help you search and connect with like-minded professionals or potential clients.

The important thing to remember is to explore and test all platforms to see what works for you and be creative. If there is no other takeaway, remember to be creative. Think about everything in terms of ripples in a pond. Now, go forth and kill niche marketing.

Paula Creed-Smith is the owner of Ceh~Flora Gift Co., a gift box company located in sunny Florida. She’s wife to her Italian fox, Sheldon, and mother of two divas in the making, Azzaryha and Lael. Paula was formerly involved in social work after being inspired by her time in foster care during her teens. Once Paula became a mother, she opened her first company, At Your Service Personal Concierge. After a few years, a family health crisis encouraged a pivot in her entrepreneurial plan and she launched Ceh~Flora. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging with her hubby, playing with her girls, eating sushi with her mom, and singing at her church. Paula admittedly has a deep affection for all things coffee related and rum raisin ice cream.