Yes, this is (sort of) about COVID-19. BUT … I promise it’s not remotely political and it’s not meant to use this pandemic as a selling tool for my business (ick!).

Right now, you just can’t avoid hearing about COVID-19. Even if you don’t watch TV news, listen to the radio, or scroll social media … you’ll hear about it when you pay for gas or visit the grocery. Everyone is talking about it.

I’m not here to add to the noise.

As a mindset coach, though, I do want to share one thing with you: You’re allowed to feel how you feel—about coronavirus (or anything else).

There is no “right” or “wrong” to think or feel. You may feel pressure from your government, society, friends, family to “calm down” or to “stop being so calm.” Others may tell you how you should behave right now, or mock you if you don’t do what they deem appropriate.

If you need it, here’s your permission to trust your own mind and heart.

Do you feel a bit panicked and want to stock up on supplies? Permission granted.

Do you want to block out the noise and focus instead on washing your hands? Permission granted.

Yes, it’s wise to listen to people who know more than you about a topic (in this case, medical experts). Yes, it’s generally a good idea to follow best practices (what those medical experts advise).

But none of that means you need to be like Aunt Sally and hoard toilet paper if you don’t think that’s necessary. And it doesn’t mean you should be embarrassed to stay home for the next two weeks just because your dad says that’s ridiculous.

Whether it’s COVID-19, who you vote for, how you raise your kids, what you do with your business, the way you wear your hair, or any other damn thing, you are allowed to do what’s right for you. Period.

Anyone who judges you or tries to shame, guilt, embarrass you over your choices is simply projecting their own baggage onto you.

As we all continue to navigate this interesting time in our history, follow your heart, trust your gut, and do what’s right for you.

PS: I want to reinforce that it’s wise to listen to experts in any situation, but it’s critical during a health crisis when lives are at stake. No one should flagrantly disregard CDC advice or advisories to do whatever they want. That’s irresponsible and potentially dangerous. But, you don’t have to hide in a bunker if that’s not the requirement, nor do you need to feel badly if you want to retreat to a bunker right now.