I earned $15k+ this month. It’s my 2nd 5-figure month this year and the 4th ever.

Most important to me, though, is this is the first time I’ve earned 5 figures in a month only for my coaching work (not my pay-the-bills writing work I’ve been doing as I pivot from freelance writing to coaching).

⁠⁠I’ve taken a little time to reflect, and thought I’d share 5 lessons I’ve learned from reaching this milestone.

Before that, though, I want to say one thing: I didn’t earn this much because I changed my business model, learned some cool new marketing trick, or hired a team​.

I earned more because I believed I could. Period.

Believing I could allowed me to raise my rates, speak more confidently about my work, and close more sales.

(To be clear, this was $15k+ gross revenue collected. My operating expenses are about 17%, so my net income for August was about $12,500. What I actually earned this month is unchanged because I pay myself a set salary, but it means more money in my business profits account!)

Okay, back to the lessons I wanted to share…

⁠⁠1. I’m allowed to be ambitious. I’m allowed to dream big. I’m allowed to want. And I’m allowed to do all that publicly without apology. 💪

⁠⁠2. I’m allowed to charge more. It turns out, I actually sell more when I do (huh whaaaa?!). Best of all, charging more attracts other ambitious women who aren’t afraid to invest in themselves and who are my favorite clients because they do the damn work! 💰

⁠⁠3. I’m allowed to enjoy my work. I don’t have to do what I “should” or what “pays the bills” … I get to be paid for what I *love* to do, what I’m *damn good* at doing, and what I’m truly *called* to do. And I get to be paid WELL. 😍

⁠⁠4. I’m allowed to keep learning. As a mindset coach, I can get reluctant to admit I still need mindset help (that’s a bit scary to admit!). I’m finally allowing it for myself … and, no shock, it’s paying off big time. ✍️

⁠⁠5. I’m allowed to have support. I don’t have to go it alone. I don’t have to know it all, do it all, shoulder all the physical and emotional weight. I can surround myself with smart women who push me, cheer me on, hold my hand—and I can receive without fear of judgment. 👩‍❤️‍👩

⁠⁠I hope everyone else had a profitable August. But more important, I hope everyone else is opening their minds and hearts to possibility.

Dream big, y’all. Your capacity to live a life you love is only limited by your capacity to believe it’s possible.

Oh and if you need to hear it, your dreams don’t have to be the same as anyone else’s. Your measure of success can be anything (not just money).

I don’t care what you earn, I only want you to begin to believe that the life you want (whatever that looks like) is possible.