BTS of the Feminist Founders podcast launch

July 7, 2023

Feminist Founders podcast goes live in 68 days (1630 hours and 20 minutes, to be exact—I know because I have a countdown timer on my computer so I don’t get complacent with all the stuff I have to accomplish by then).

As the launch edges closer, I decided to document my process here (h/t to Charise Santille for the idea). I love a good behind-the-scenes peek, so this feels like a fun idea.

For this first post, I’ll get you up to date. The easiest way to do that is to share this video I made last week…

So far, I’ve recorded 12 episodes and have 1 completely edited. I have 3 more to record this with the last few guests who had to reschedule to later dates for various reasons. I’ve begun assembling my “street team” to help promote the podcast and give it the best launch possible. I’ve also secured ad swaps with a couple of podcasts and am working on another 2 or 3.

Next week, I want to edit another episode and create the rest of the graphics and copy for the “street team” to make promotions easy on them. If there’s additional time, I hope to also start scheduling out my own promotions for email and social media to get ahead of the game.

Real talk: Summer is tough because school is out and it’s hard for me to focus on business with my personal life upturned. I’m stressing a little about getting everything ready in time. I have a lot of big ideas (including a live launch party on Zoom), and I really hope I can get to executing them all—without burning myself out. Stay tuned!