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After accumulating more than $75,000 in student loans and having a yearly salary of only $30,000, Keina Newell knew she had to figure out how to make things work. That’s why, at age 22, she began having “money dates” to move beyond the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

She took time each week to better understand where her money was going—and get clear about how she wanted to use her money—and it helped her get out of debt and buy her first home before age 30. Now, as a financial coach, Keina helps her clients take the stress out of personal finances, and money dates are a key part of her work.

More nuggets from this episode:

  • How money dates are like a relationship (7:12)
  • The invaluable wisdom Keina’s mom gave her about savings (9:31)
  • How Keina discovered her purpose (11:31)
  • The four-part framework of money dates (12:18)

Keina Newell works with passionate and hard working single women who need help creating clear financial goals so they can save more, get out of debt, and stress less about money.  Her favorite thing about working with clients 1:1 is hearing them breathe sighs of relief once they realize all of the things they can do with their money after working with her to build out an individualized system that supports them experiencing life differently.
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