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From a young age, Dacy Gillespie found validation as a musician. She pursued degrees in classical music performance in college, and thought her dream job might be playing bass in an orchestra. She soon realized, however, that was the wrong place for her.

As a highly sensitive person with tendencies toward anxiety and depression, some big red flags came up that indicated she was not in the right profession. But she felt stuck in this path she had chosen, in what she thought she “should” be doing.

It wasn’t until her mid-30s that Dacy finally faced her fears and embraced a completely new career path. It was a gutsy move, and one that paid off.

More nuggets:

  • The vital factors nobody takes into account when considering a job (2:43)
  • Red flags a highly sensitive person should pay attention to (3:30) 
  • Why Dacy thought she couldn’t work in any field but music (5:55)
  • Why being good at something doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be doing that thing (8:39)
  • The limiting beliefs that kept Dacy trying to work in music (10:41)
  • Two crucial questions to ask yourself when you’re miserable in your career (12:20)
  • How she uses validation, both from clients and herself, to allay her fears (18:57)

Dacy Gillespie runs mindful closet, a personal styling service. She helps people work through the overwhelm they’re experiencing with their closets so they can feel good in the clothes they wear. When working with clients, she encourages a mindset shift from thinking they need more options to shopping mindfully and building a wardrobe that functions better with less. Dacy is also a mom to two boys, 1 and 5 years old.

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