In this episode… 

Ella Glasgow was a voice coach for years. She was really good at it and it was easy…but she didn’t really love it. She knew she was meant for more, but was terrified of pursuing what was really calling her. A war between what she was doing and what she was meant to be doing was raging in her mind.

There was a fear of taking a risk, rooted in an earlier experience of being shot down by a former employer. Finally, though, she realized she needed to do what she asked her clients to do—get clear on what she wanted, make a game plan to get there, and push beyond the fears to make it happen.

More nuggets in this episode:

  • The struggle between being good at what you’re doing—and sometimes even enjoying it—and knowing it’s not what you really want (2:37)
  • The war of confusion, complacency, and comfort that comes from that struggle (3:55)
  • How the boldness Ella grew up with eventually turned to fear (7:42)
  • The eye-opening sit-down discussion with herself that made her practice what she preached (10:05)
  • Why it’s important to be flexible in your planning (13:18)
  • How moving forced Ella to change her business model (15:25)
  • Why she was happy her mailing list went from 1,500 to 75 (16:50)

Ella Glasgow is a business and life coach who helps creative entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm so they can have a clear vision, the steps, and the confidence to make their creative dream their reality. Visit to claim your free Dream Ignition Call to discover what you need to make your dream your reality.

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