In this episode… 

When @alessandracaprice went from doing all the things in her business (1:1 coaching, group programs, launching courses all the time, etc.) to combining them ALL into one package, everything shifted. She realized she wanted to serve more people, and wanted to make what she was teaching even more accessible to her audience.⁠

By no longer doing #AllTheThings, she can now serve far more people … plus, she finally has the clarity and direction she was craving.⁠

More nuggets in this episode:

  • How Alessandra soon realized that her fear of not doing enough was creating a muddled mess of a message (3:24)
  • Her biggest fears around things not working out (6:40)
  • How her offline marketing translated into online marketing (7:33)
  • Why imposter syndrome crops up when you’re marketing online (8:57)
  • What Alessandra wanted her clients’ investment to look like (11:07)
  • Why she did mindset work around thoughts vs facts (14:44)
  • The freedom she feels about creating one thing (18:30)
  • The questions you should ask yourself if “should” didn’t exist (20:11)

Alessandra Caprice is a Mindset Coach and Business Strategist focusing on helping new and on the rise coaches get visible with intention and master soul-centered sales. She infuses deep mindset work into everything she does so that her coaches not only become better coaches themselves, but they don’t let limiting beliefs and fears hold them back from starting, growing, and scaling their businesses.

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