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Veronica Yanhs tried to do what the business gurus said—she pursued her two businesses separately, but it just didn’t work. She worked on each one every other year, but it resulted in her missing business, speaking, networking, and client opportunities…and to her feeling totally frustrated.

In 2018, she decided to ignore “best practices” and ran both businesses simultaneously. It changed everything for the better. She worried she might burn out, but the systems she’s created for both businesses have actually made her more productive. She was also able to realize that both businesses, although totally different, helped clients own their power, skills, and gifts by unapologetically stepping into who they were.

More nuggets in this episode:

  • How Veronica changed from doing one business at a time, to two (4:15)
  • The life skills she learned from kink, including that your voice matters, and as soon as something feels wrong, you have to speak up (6:19)
  • Why Veronica felt alone in her pursuit of being multi-passionate (7:21)
  • How pursuing both businesses fulfills her core values of freedom, joy, and integrity (9:20)
  • Why more brands are taking a stand (14:11)
  • The reason you should just show up as yourself (16:48)
  • Where the non-woo Veronica believes the Universe is showing her she’s on the right track (21:58)

Veronica Yanhs is a multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to strip people bare—of the expectations and limiting beliefs that do not serve them—so they can thrive unapologetically exactly as they are. From systems to spankings, she emboldens womxn to leverage their pleasure and power in business and the bedroom with Business Laid Bare (systems for creatives and entrepreneurs that scale and save their sanity) and Desires Laid Bare (kink education for beginners in a fun and shame-free way).
Website | Business Laid Bare | Desires Laid Bare | Instagram | YouTube

“Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James

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