In this episode…

When you offer group coaching, how do you sell potential clients on it not being custom to their needs (even if you know the problems are often the same)?

Kyla Roma didn’t have to coach people live to get really great results for them. She did it by using an asynchronous method to communicate outside the bounds of a calendar. She was able to totally restructure her business, work 20 hours a week while being at home with her toddler, and stop trying to do everything for their clients, so they could do things themselves. 

By thinking outside the box, Kyla created better boundaries that allow her better work-life balance, peace of mind, and joy about her work. 

More nuggets in this episode:

  • Work changes after baby is born (02:17)
  • Having the same conversations over and over (02:35)
  • The solution that changed everything (03:58)
  • It’s vital to not ask anyone for permission (17:12)
  • Be playful, experiment, and find things that work for you (18:38)
  • Help clients take greater ownership of their own problems (20:30)

Kyla Roma is a marketing strategist and business coach. She’s spent the last decade teaching gutsy small business owners to confidently attract their dream customers and grow their profits. She’s also a toddler mom, and her family’s breadwinner. She believes that YOUR definition of success is the only one that matters, that your business should be delightful to run, and make it hard for you to fail.

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