When Simone Morris decided to stop looking for a job and focus on being an entrepreneur, she was half-stepping and not committing to one path. Once she decided to go all in, things shifted for her as an entrepreneur, making her more focused on winning in that arena. She knew her worth, and she was tired of convincing other people of it. She felt that her experiences were unappreciated.

She now focuses 100% of her efforts on being an entrepreneur, enjoying learning to be a CEO. It’s a juggling act, balance everything on her plate, but she’s incredibly proud of herself on how far she’s come. She sees what’s possible, and she’s inspired by the women she encounters on a daily basis.

More nuggets in this episode:

  • How Simone accidentally stumbled into diversity and inclusion work as a volunteer – and how she came to love it more than her “real” job (2:57)
  • The one year secondment that wound up being a turning point in her life, in more ways than one (7:12)
  • The question Simone kept asking herself about her lack of success in finding corporate work (9:33)
  • What happened when she decided to stop playing in both corporate and entrepreneurial work (10:56)
  • When fears and doubts finally leave you alone (12:50)
  • How aligning yourself with credible organizations, such as the Women Business Enterprise National Council, can benefit your business (13:48)
  • The differences between being an employee in your business and being CEO of your business – and when you need to fire yourself (15:30)
  • The security of a 9-5 job is a myth (17:42)

Simone Morris is an award-winning diversity and inclusion leader, consultant, and speaker committed to diversifying the workplace, and training women to take true leadership positions in all aspects of their lives. Her thought leadership can be found on sites like Glassdoor, Leadercast, and BambooHR. She’s also the author of two books (see Resources below).

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