When Amanda Flisher finally uncovered her true core values—and started living into them—everything shifted for the better.

She identified freedom, family, community and growth were most important to her, and the true drivers for her happiness. Armed with that information, she was able to shift her priorities, unhook from expectations, and finally create her coaching business.

Amanda joins Becky to geek out over values, and explain why values are more than just a silly exercise, but an incredibly powerful tool for life and business.

More nuggets in this episode:

  • Values aren’t just “woo woo” magic; they are a really practical tool for breaking out of fear-based decision making (5:05)
  • To make values work really matter, you need to do it because you’re truly invested in the process (7:00)
  • Struggling with getting clear on your values? Brené Brown could be the answer! (10:10)
  • Whittling down to as few values as possible is important (12:23)
  • Choosing your community wisely can help you live into your values (15:55)
  • Devoting yourself to values work can increase your compassion for yourself and others (18:30)
  • When you’re truly rooted in your values, making decisions becomes easier and less likely to end in regret (21:20)

Amanda Flisher is a self-leadership coach offering insight and guidance for leaders seeking growth and new opportunities. As an experienced leadership and strengths coach, she works with high-level achievers and inspired humans undergoing huge changes. Amanda holds an Associate Certified Coach Credential through the International Coach Federation, was trained as a Strengths Educator through the Gallup Organization, and earned her Master’s degree in Organizational Management.

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“The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown
“Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown
“Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown

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