Mariana Ruiz began her career as a neurological ICU nurse. She loved the brain and learning about it, so much so that she’d read her first neurology book at 16. But she found herself getting burnt out. She was in constant pain and felt like her body was deteriorating. She moved into transplant coordination, but found the burned out feelings continue due to 24 hour shifts.

After she and her family moved to Texas for her husband’s work, she moved into hospital administration. She was about to oversee three hospitals when her daughter was born prematurely and needed open-heart surgery in her first week of life. She finally realized that the Universe kept knocking her down, telling her “please stop” when she was trying to do too much.

Also in this episode…

  • The factors that led to Mariana’s burnout, and the way she discovered them
  • How strengths can lead to your downfall
  • Some of the signs of burnout
  • What led Mariana to turn her side gig into her full-time business
  • The results of giving so much of yourself to others that there’s nothing left for you
  • Why Mariana moved into group coaching after trying several other models
  • How to actually make changes in your schedule
  • The differences between stress, overwhelm, and burnout
  • Why it’s crucial to make appointments with yourself and honor those appointments

Mariana Ruiz is a Certified Business Coach and Consultant, an international best-selling author, and host of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur podcast. She helps seasoned coaches and consultants scale their business by creating and launching their profitable group coaching programs. She uses her background in brain science, hospital administration and 12 years of marketing, sales and business experience to help you get results for your clients at scale, market in a way that attracts your ideal clients and convert followers to group coaching clients through service-based selling.

• Mariana Ruiz: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
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