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Farideh Ceaser began her music career by singing on top of coffee tables when she was just two years old. She released my first solo album at 20, and another at 24. Eventually, though, her music career felt like knocking on door after door with none of them opening. It got to the point where she just wasn’t having much fun.


So, she decided to quit… as soon as she wrapped up two last projects. They wound up bringing the success she had been wanting. One of those projects was her band, Rosie and the Riveters.


On this episode, she’s talking about how letting go of expectations and outcomes changed everything.


More in this episode:

  • How Farideh learned the power of leveraging other people and their talents
  • The benefits of making decisions with others
  • The difference between telling your friends that things will come in their own time vs. telling yourself the same thing
  • How learning to sit in gratitude has changed Farideh’s perspective
  • What led her to add an online business on top of her music career
  • The turning point in Farideh’s attitude towards money, finances, and debt
  • How “journalizing” led to the realization that she wasn’t charging people for work she was doing because she didn’t think she was worth anything
  • What led to the fire in her belly to rectify that worthless feeling
  • The power of visualization
  • Deciding between balancing multiple projects or going all-in on one thing


Farideh Ceaser is a singer and songwriter with all-female folk/pop band Rosie & the Riveters. She also is part owner in her Facebook Advertising firm, Ceaser & Bast.



Farideh Ceaser

Rosie & The Riveters

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@FaridehCeaserBiz of @RosieandtheRiveters is sharing how letting go of outcomes changed her life and work for the better.

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