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The dread of the real world was pressing down on Laura Simms while she was in college. She decided she’d hate herself if she didn’t try to make a career of acting. The Knoxville, Tenn. native started out loving the L.A. shuffle. She was driven, committed, and swore she’d never be one of those people who blew up their dream and moved back home to nowhere.


She put all her energy and resources into her career, but it soon moved from feeling like a commitment to being a sacrifice. She had a crisis of meaning, and dove deep into uncovering her why so she could pursue a career she’d truly love.


More in this episode:

  • Why reaching the height of what’s possible might not be enough
  • Figuring out who you are outside of your career, and letting that guide your next career decisions
  • Why it’s okay to ask yourself, “Do I really want to keep doing this anymore?”
  • Questions to ask along the way, including, “What are the other things I love that I could see doing for the rest of my life?”
  • It’s okay to have your “crying on Craigslist” moments
  • How a white piece of paper can change your life
  • What do you want your legacy to be, not just at the end of your life, but also when you leave the room? What do you want people to be saying about you?
  • Finding your purpose, and more than that, your sense of purpose
  • Finding your “through lines” and using them to guide your choices


Laura Simms is an expert in meaningful work who challenges conventional wisdom by asking people to ditch their passions and start with purpose. She’s the creator of Your Career Homecoming, a celebrated career change program that helps people discover the meaningful work that’s right for them.



“Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown

“Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead” by Tara Mohr


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This week on @LightbulbMomentPodcast, Laura Simms is sharing tons of ideas for how you can go from dreading your work to doing something you love.

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