One of the biggest ways we hold ourselves back from being happy is fear of leaving. We feel that because we’ve spent X amount of years in school, a relationship, a job, etc. that we owe something. The only thing you owe to yourself is your own happiness, despite if other people agree or not. Susana Cresce talks about why she gave up the dream job right out of college and advice on moving past our fear.

Show Highlights:

  • The moment that led to a big change in Susana’s life and career
  • How Susana’s dream job was affecting herself and her relationships
  • Learning on the job versus college
  • The biggest influence that causes us to stay somewhere unhappy
  • The importance of listening to your inner voice
  • Why you should take risks as an entrepreneur
  • Why we need to hone in and listen to our inner guidance
  • What Susana learned only after moving to L.A.
  • Why it’s okay, and necessary, to say no as an Entrepreneur
  • The most important thing to strive for with your business


Abraham Hicks

Dallas Travers 


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