Do you ever have the urge to pursue an idea or dream? Do you ever hold yourself back by whispering to yourself that you’re not smart, pretty, or talented enough? Yael Bendahan knows what it’s like to, not only have those same limiting beliefs but how to overcome them. Yael is here to talk about how the world is advancing for stay-at-home moms and their careers, the belief system that’s pushed on us by our parents, and the growing opportunities for people to work remotely.


Show Highlights:

  • The pressure and influence of Yael’s childhood
  • How Stay-at-Home moms can now make living salaries without going to the office
  • What Yael did to find balance between working from home and taking care of her children
  • The moment that pushed her forward to her highest potential
  • Yael’s realization that banished her traditional way of thinking
  • Changes that Yael has experienced with her business and her thinking
  • The one thing we do out of fear that is hurting our growth
  • How she was able to overcome her insecurities to pursue her dreams
  • Yael’s advice to people who don’t have the education they feel they “should”
  • How we should reframe our thinking about people without higher education


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