When we think about health and fitness and what that looks like, most people conjure images of bodybuilders and super models. Society and the media constantly force these images down our throats, and if we don’t fit into that image, then we haven’t achieved that level of health. Today, Tiana Dodson joins me to share her story that led her to becoming a Health Coach as someone who doesn’t fit into that societal image. If you feel that, in order to be healthy and beautiful, you have to have abs and visible hipbones, then join us and know you’re not alone.

Show Highlights:

  • Messages we’re sending to kids about weight and the impacts those can have
  • What led Tiana to become a Health Coach, despite push back from the Health Industry
  • The message she got from her peers in the Health World
  • Nonverbal messages we’re sending to kids, and especially women
  • The transformation Tiana was promised, and what she was seeking, wasn’t quite how she pictured it
  • The comfort she discovered by paying attention to her body
  • The resource that gave Tiana the spark she needed to move forward with strength
  • The mind-blowing restaurant moment that revealed a change in mindset
  • The importance of process over outcome, not just in weight loss
  • What led Tiana to become a Health Coach


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Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon

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