Do you ever worry that maybe you’re casting your net too wide? Are you afraid of narrowing down your scope too much, to the point where it will affect your income? Today, Claire Pelletreau is here to share her experience on the subject. Before going on maternity leave, she was trying to appeal to everyone who had a need, but it was what she learned after returning to work that really changed her life, and her world.

Show Highlights:

  • The moment Claire realized her job was draining rather than feeding her
  • The reason Claire didn’t “niche down” in the beginning
  • The personal check in she had after going on maternity leave for 6 months
  • How some lightbulb moments are merely stepping stones
  • The things that contribute to having a lightbulb moment
  • What Claire learned/realized leading up to maternity leave
  • Why having the lightbulb moment is only the first step
  • Where Claire’s business is now compared to before her realization
  • The exchange of letting go of her goals that actually put her in a better place
  • Why Claire is able to worry less about outcomes


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