Are you willing to “go against the flow” with your business model? It takes guts and pure resolve to make a leap into something new, especially with the common fear that it might not work like you anticipate. Today’s show introduces you to someone who has proven that trying something new might be just the thing your business needs. 

Erin Kelly learned the hard way that there are other ways to sell beyond cyclical (and stressful) launches. In the online space, people often default to launching as the only way, but Erin learned that relationship marketing and smart offers can create daily cash flow. That realization was a huge weight off her shoulders and it eliminated that feeling of failure when a big launch goes badly. She says there are still reasons you might want to invest in a launch strategy, but it doesn’t have to be the ONLY way you sell in your business—and it truly shouldn’t be.

Erin Kelly is the co-founder of MemberVault, a relationship marketing platform disrupting how we look at selling and engaging online using engagement tracking, gamification strategies, and a binge & buy marketplace for your free and paid products. Grab your forever free account at

More in this episode:

  • Before her lightbulb moment, Erin was an Online Business Manager who managed launches for many of her clients
  • After a huge affiliate launch that didn’t go well, she came away with a new way of thinking called “relationship marketing”
  • Why she wanted to treat her audience “like the humans they are,” without false scarcity and slimy sales tactics
  • Doing launches differently means that clients can buy when THEY are ready, instead of being pressured when they aren’t
  • Relationship marketing means showing up on a regular basis in different formats, being clear about giving value, and letting the audience buy whey they’re ready
  • Examples of others who are doing relationship marketing well: Amanda Bond, Scott Olford, Greg Hickman, and Ash Ambridge
  • The biggest fear about making the leap was letting go of the illusion that a big launch can bring in a six-figure income in a seven-day launch
  • For MemberVault, this approach looks like daily email with support packages with a focus on value and making it easy to buy
  • How writing a daily email takes the pressure off and breaks the information into small, consumable chunks—and how it’s resonating with Erin’s audience
  • For some, daily emails wouldn’t work well, so they use Facebook Live or Facebook Ads instead
  • Why Erin Kelly plans an upcoming experiment with paid Facebook Ads
  • There is no magic formula for relationship marketing success. “Open your curiosity and find what works well for you and your audience.”
  • Be open to testing things out and see how they resonate with your audience
  • How relationship marketing has improved Erin Kelly’s life: “It’s made me more connected to my audience, less stressed, and always inspired and creating.”
  • Planning a big launch with lots of energy output would weigh Erin down (especially since she’s expecting her second child), but relationship marketing helps better manage a work/life balance
  • The benefits of daily emails are being able to batch information, not having to have revenue deadlines, and being more relaxed
  • What people can learn about relationship marketing: “It’s a tough mindset switch and a longer sales cycle. It’s not the crazy urgency of a launch, but a more consistent flow of income.”


Erin’s links:

Erin’s Website

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Amanda Bond

Scott Olford

Greg Hickman of

 Ash Ambridge of the Middle Finger Project

Erin Kelly of Member Vault on Lightbulb Moment podcast talking about how to make money without traditional launches

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