Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a blueprint for achieving our dreams? Today, you are going to find out just how to get one! 

It’s not every day you get to talk to a Lifetime Achievement Winner! I am feeling especially lucky and extraordinarily inspired after speaking with Lucinda Cross. Lucinda is an entrepreneur on a mission to help people achieve their dreams. The secret to Lucinda’s success is her dream-driven Vision Boards. 

Lucinda used a Vision Board to turn her life around after 5 years in prison. By visualizing her dreams, Lucinda found a career that she loved and then opened herself up to a meaningful relationship. Lucinda has managed to visualize and manifest just about anything she sets her mind do. Today, you are going to get some of Lucinda’s best tips for cultivating your dreams, as well as a few of her secrets to success. For Lucinda, her lightbulb moment happened after taking a good, hard look at her dreams. Maybe it is time for us to do the same!   

More in this episode: 

  • Lucinda shares what it was like to get on the dating scene as a single mother. 
  • The shift that helped Lucinda allow room for love in her life. 
  • Lucinda shares her perspective as an entrepreneur with a balanced personal life. 
  • Why vision boards for your personal life actually work. 
  • Lucinda shares her experiences of cultivating dreams in prison. 
  • Vision boards are all about visualizing your goals. 
  • When Lucinda knew she had made it. 
  • A vision board is a blueprint. 
  • The steps you need to create a great vision board. 
  • Don’t let a setback hold you back. 


Website: www.lucindacross.com

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Essence Magazine article about Lucinda’s vision boards

Lucinda Cross on Lightbulb Moment podcast sharing how vision boards changed her life and business. #podcast #visionboard #manifesting #mindset

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