How do boundaries unlock creativity? How do you know the difference between something that is right on paper, but isn’t right for you? 

I couldn’t think of a better way to open up the idea of boundaries than with someone who influenced my love of podcasting and creative entrepreneurship. Kathleen Shannon is the co-host of the Being Boss Podcast, one of the first shows I ever listened to. Along with her co-host, Kathleen has recently published the Being Boss book, which is truly incredible. She is also the heart and soul behind Braid Creative, a branding agency that focuses on creative businesses. 

Today, Kathleen is going to share all about her own creative process and how she learned how to say “No” to opportunities that wouldn’t serve her. I know you will be so inspired by what Kathleen has to share. After all, she has made a business out of inspiring others to do what they do best. Kathleen has advice for anyone who needs to start setting up professional boundaries in order to unlock their best life to live. You have something unique to offer the world. Make sure everything you do serves that unique offering! 

More in this episode: 

  • Kathleen’s lightbulb moment helped Kathleen learn how to use her values to set up creative boundaries. 
  • What made Kathleen realize what she was doing really wasn’t working. 
  • How to determine if an opportunity is for you or for someone else. 
  • The themes that come up over and over again for Kathleen. 
  • How to find your truth and your values. 
  • No limits can be paralyzing.
  • How to put boundaries in our relationships. 
  • How to enforce boundaries without being a jerk. 
  • What you need to learn in order to gain clarity over your boundaries. 
  • Infuse all that you do with intention


Resources from the Show:

Kathleen’s links:


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List of values:

Tim Ferriss, “Tools of Titans” 

What’s working/not working worksheet:

Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss on Lightbulb Moment Podcast

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