Being self-employed is tough. You’re responsible for everything in your business, even the mind-numbing stuff you dread. Trying to decide which trends are worthwhile is overwhelming.

Without a support system, running a business can feel nearly impossible. Trying to go it alone likely contributes to the scary statistic that 30% of businesses fail within the first 2 years.

I’m 15 years into business, but I know how easy it is to think about quitting when times get hard—especially if no one is there to encourage you to keep going.

I hate trends, but one that is truly powerful? Biz besties (or communities or mastermind). They can truly make the difference between running a business that fails quickly and one that stands the test of time.

When life handed me lemons, I started a mastermind group to help me turn them into lemonade. We met for two years. Since then, I’ve started several more peer-led masterminds, joined tons of business-focused Facebook groups, and have had hundreds of virtual coffee chats.

I wouldn’t be living my dream as a mindset coach now, if not for all of their help them. That support system is also why my business is now experiencing so much growth.