Reesy Floyd-Thompson begins her story in a Philadelphia courtroom in 2005, when her husband was sentenced to 12½ to 25 years in prison. Prior to that, Reesy felt she needed a man to complete her and care for her. She learned how to be Mrs. GE-6309, but the real struggle came in learning how to be herself with or without a man.

More in this episode:

  • How she set herself and her needs aside to ensure her husband’s well-being
  • When she realized she didn’t know who she was and what her reaction was to that realization
  • How an Olympic baton made all the difference in Reesy’s life
  • What founding a club for women with incarcerated spouses meant
  • Becoming more than “just” a prisoner’s wife
  • How her club spread across the nation, and how trolls pushed her out of the spotlight
  • Storytelling as an act of marketing to let people get close to you
  • Why “take the emotions out of business” is nonsense to Reesy
  • The power of “what you say about me is none of my business”
  • Giving yourself grace to get through the hard moments, no matter how you have to get through the hard moments

Reesy Floyd-Thompson is the owner of The Digital Wonder Woman, a firm that teaches women business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and creatives how to use the internet to make money and how to tap into their experiences—their wonder—and market that.

Reesy Floyd-Thompson: Website | Instagram
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