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Mallika Malhotra began her photography business as an offshoot of motherhood. She had family across the country who wanted to share in every moment of her children’s lives, so she made sure the milestones were all documented. It wasn’t long before her friends started asking her to photograph their children, too.

Mallika loved her newfound photography business. She enjoyed learning about the realm of creative photography. She knew how to relate to kids, sing their songs, and chase after them. And she delighted in using her camera to tell stories.

Eventually, however, she outgrew her original business. Like so many other creatives, she felt an itch to explore new territory and dive into something new. She eventually scratched that itch, and pivoted her business in a new direction.

Mallika is sharing all that she learned as she shifted her business focus. She’s offering great tips for how to pivot in a slow, steady, smart way.

More in this episode…

  • What led Mallika to move out of her successful children and family photography business and into business branding
  • The struggles of starting over in multiple locations as her family moved around for her husband’s job
  • The investment she made in herself through a networking and empowerment group
  • The questions she asked that fueled her desire to tell business stories—including questions about missions, processes, and brands, so she could go deeper than mere headshots
  • How investing in a business coach helped Mallika figure out and support her through the complete transition from child photography to brand photography
  • How niching down helped her establish herself as an expert in her field
  • How to know when you should pivot, and why you might be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t

Mallika Malhotra is a professional photographer, brand strategist, educator and author of The Brand Photography Playbook. After years working in the corporate advertising world, she now helps ambitious women entrepreneurs and influencers bring their brand to life with visual storytelling. Her mission is to empower women to stop hiding behind their business and confidently become the face of their brand.


Mallika Malhotra
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The Brand Photography Playbook

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