After college, Nailah Blades Wylie landed a dream job with a great salary, a corporate credit card, and a company car. It didn’t take long, however, for her to realize the job was more of a nightmare than a dream.


So, she took the leap and started her own company. Her social media marketing agency quickly became more successful than she dreamed possible, but she still wasn’t happy. The problem? She was chained to her laptop and she lacked the freedom and flexibility she wanted. She realized she had left a 9 to 5 only to create another 9 to 5 (or more) job for herself.


When she had her first child, she knew things needed to change so she could be the mom she wanted to be. At the same time, her family moved from southern California to Salt Lake City, Utah. In the midst of all that change, she finally felt ready and free to also shake up her professional life.


She hit the reset button and started from scratch. She went outside, breathed in the mountain air, and took time to do some deep thinking. By disconnecting, she was able to reconnect with who she really was—and start the business of her dreams.


More in this episode:

  • Nailah discusses why Corporate America wasn’t for her and how she made the leap to entrepreneurship.
  • She shares the realization that her own business was making her nearly as miserable as her last job, and how she decided to make another change.
  • How having children finally gave her the push she needed to make big changes.
  • How she felt about moving from California to Utah.
  • Tips for how to discover your true calling, and how to integrate that into your life.
  • How a small free Meetup group turned into her successful company, Color Outside.
  • Why she says there’s tremendous power in “taking up space” and how she’s helping women of color find unapologetic joy in doing so.
  • How her life has changed since creating Color Outside, including the positive effect it has on her parenting and on her daughter.
  • Why “weird on paper” is making her so much happier than “right on paper.”


Nailah Blades Wylie is a coach and consultant who helps women live more colorful, adventurous lives. She started Color Outside as a safe place for women of color to come together and explore the outdoors. The Color Outside community is made up of women of color challenging themselves to new adventures, all while changing the face of the outdoor industry. Together, through local meet-ups, in person retreats, and online communities, they push their bodies to new heights, reconnect with who they are at their core, and strengthen their ties as a community. They don’t let anyone question their right to take up space.



Color Outside


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