Do you consider yourself a competitive person? In business, we are conditioned to scope out our competition and always stay guarded so that we don’t give away too much that could be used to their advantage. Today’s guest has a different take on competition. It’s a refreshing conversation that takes your mind out of competition mode and into community building mode!

Natalie Franke is a photographer, educator, and the Founder of the Rising Tide Society. Listen in as Natalie discusses the battle between her head, hissing that competition was the way to succeed in business, and her heart, compassionately siding with community. 

More in this episode:

  • Natalie talks about how, before, she compared herself to others who were doing better than her
  • Natalie describes her battle with herself and society’s competitive influence
  • How Natalie’s Lightbulb Moment sparked a Pay it Forward message
  • The concept that helps everyone grow and succeed
  • The moment that changed Natalie’s life as well as her business
  • What sparked the creation of the Rising Tide Society
  • What Natalie suggestions for Creative Business owners to find and build their own community
  • The 3 things that a good community has
  • What it takes to be a strong leader of a community
  • The core of a healthy community
  • How to switch the mindset of scarcity to abundance

Natalie’s Links:

Natalie Franke

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Natalie’s Twitter

Rising Tide Society


Seth Godin, Tribes

Brene Brown:

Braving the Wilderness

Daring Greatly

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk:

Start With Why

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