You deserve more.
(It’s time YOU believe it.)

There’s so much you want to achieve, but you’re afraid to go after it.

What if you don’t measure up?
What if you fail?
What if you look stupid? 

Start playing bigger!

Learn six techniques I use with my coaching clients to help them break free of self-doubt and confidently realize their potential.

This course is for you if…

You believe the voice in your head saying you’re not enough.

You constantly compare yourself, and feel like you never stack up.

Just thinking about going after more leaves you paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy.

You start down the path of your dreams, only to sabotage your own success.

Each time you reach a new level of success, your joy quickly turns to panic. You worry that it’s only a matter of time before they realize you don’t know what you’re doing.

You undercharge and overdeliver to “prove” your value.

You hate that you allow these “silly” thoughts to keep you stuck.

Imagine if you could…

Learn to distinguish between realistic thinking and Imposter Syndrome

Realize your full potential and get what you really want (and deserve).

Break free from self-doubt, self-criticism and low confidence.

Find greater ease in seeking out and saying yes to opportunities.

Confidently assert yourself as an authority in your industry and a leader in your workplace or community.

Feel less stress by letting go of the fears that cause procrastination, perfectionism, and overwhelm.

Ready to unleash your full potential and
achieve successes you never thought possible?

introducing the gutsy guide to

A dynamic course (with videos and worksheets) to coach you through overcoming your self-imposed limitations so you can start playing bigger in business and in life.

You’ll learn…


The difference between Imposter Syndrome and realistic thinking


3 common ways people fight Imposter Syndrome (and why they don't work)


What DOES work to quiet the inner critic


4 additional powerful tools for overcoming self-doubt

What you get:

A Gutsy Guide to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome provides the coaching and exercises you need to shut down negative self talk and begin confidently moving toward your goals.


Video 1: What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Get a better understanding of this phenomenon, who it affects, and how it shows up.


Video 2: Imposter Syndrome vs. Realistic Thinking

Recognize the differences between your inner critic and realistic self-talk about your limitations.


Video 3: How NOT to fight Imposter Syndrome

Learn about the three most common ways people try to stop negative self-talk, and why they don’t work.


Video 4: What Does Work

Discover a three-step approach, rooted in psychology, that actually does help quiet the inner critic.


Video 5: Personify Your Inner Critic

Retrain your brain to no longer accept the inner critic as its own, realistic voice.


Video 6: Using Mantras

Get another simple technique you can use (along with examples) to deal with doubts as they arise.


Video 7: Refute/Reframe

Learn a fundamental mindset practice that will help you deal with Imposter Syndrome—or any negative thoughts.


Video 8: The Three Questions

A step-by-step explanation of my favorite practice for retraining your brain and feeling fully empowered.

Overcome the self-imposed limitations keeping you from success!

I was struggling with feeling ready and worthy...

Now I have solid strategies to manage my fear and imposter syndrome when those thoughts come up. I feel prepared to move into the next level of my business and life!

—Jenesis Long

The only way I had succeeded in life was by beating myself up.

“Now I literally feel lighter. I don’t beat myself up for not meeting some arbitrary or impossible expectation, and I am learning more about myself every day.” 

Ashley Williamson

Ready for a shot of confidence?

For just $99, you can go from imposter to industry expert and respected leader!

Becky Mollenkamp is a certified business mindset coach who believes everyone deserves to feel powerful and fulfilled. She owned a six-figure content marketing agency for a dozen years before becoming a coach in 2017. 

Through one-on-one services, an exclusive membership community, and courses like this one, Becky has coached thousands of women to dream and play bigger, while also finding contentment in the here and now.

Don’t wait. Let go of your self-imposed limitations now…

Get the Gutsy Guide to Imposter Syndrome for $99

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