GUEST POST from Erin and Ania of Social & Creative

Do you have a bunch of pretty stock photos, but no idea how to use them? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in! As the owners of Social & Creative, we teach our clients how to use the photos the get from us.

Today, we’re sharing 10 ways you can use styled stock photos for your business.

Thinking about investing in styled stock photos for your business but aren't sure how to use stock photos? Here are 10 ways they can help your marketing from

1. Blogs

First impressions are the key behind successful blogs. To capture your audience, you need bright, clear imagery. Using beautiful photos on your blog is a quick, visual cue for your audience that your content will be just as interesting to read as what they’re seeing.

2. Social Media

This seems like a no-brainer, but so many entrepreneurs try to manage their social media accounts using only their own cell phone photos. This only works if you truly mastered the art of photography and editing. The more unique, bright, and visually appealing your social media photos, the more traffic you can expect.

3. Pinterest Graphics

Ever wonder how writers and bloggers post such beautiful, bright and professional-looking photos on Pinterest? Most likely they’re using purchased stock photos. What makes stock photos great for Pinterest purposes is you can add text and overlays to the image so it not only catches the attention of readers, but it also helps them know exactly what the article will be about.

4. Website Banners

You want a ‘wow factor’ when your audience comes across your website. Professional photos on your website tell your audience that you’re a professional. The great thing about stock photos is when you purchase a collection, everything within it will have the same color scheme or the same feeling. That means you can post them on every page of your website and keep it clean and consistent.

5. Event Promotion

Want to create a flyer, pamphlet, gift certificate, or other promotional material for an event? Don’t limit yourself to just text. Use graphic design software (like Canva) to apply styled stock graphics in the background of your text.

6. Printables

This is by far one of our favorite ways to use styled stock photos. We recently did a makeover to one of our offices and thought it would be fitting to print and frame some of our own images as custom artwork. It looks so great! Professional, styled stock photos are saved in a large file format and also in high-resolution. With that quality, you can print your images to any size and it won’t become blurry or distorted.

7. Business Cards

You’re probably thinking how are you supposed to incorporate a stock photo onto a tiny business card? You can crop part of a photo and use that portion of the stock image in the background with your contact information over it.

8. Etsy

You can use stock photos to help your Etsy listings be more consistent and visually appealing. You can add a text overlay to the image to explain what you sell, which also helps brand your Etsy shop. This is mostly used by Etsy vendors who are selling digital services or products. We wouldn’t recommend it for product based business as you would want to show off your product.

9. Email Header

Want to make your newsletter stand out? Create a custom email header in Canva using a stock photo and upload it into your newsletter design. This will add a little something extra, and it’s a great use for stock photos. You can also use stock photos in your newsletter to go along with tips or giveaways.

10. Powerpoint Slides

All of us at one point had to sit through a Powerpoint presentation and we can almost guarantee they included boring stock photos or none at all. Don’t lose your reader’s interest. Make your slides stand out with eye-catching photos. If you’re working in a field where pink girlie stock photos wouldn’t be appropriate, don’t get discouraged. There are stock shops that cater to every type of business, including those that need simple, subtle

Erin & Ania are the duo behind Social & Creative Stock Photography. They first met years ago in college where the both studied Journalism. Fast forward 10 years and they are both now budding entrepreneurs – Erin owns a social media company and Ania is a photographer -residing just outside of Toronto, Canada, they fill their days with photo shoots, lots of coffee and keeping active by chasing around their kids.