Stop thinking like an employee who works IN your business and start acting like the visionary CEO who focuses ON your business!


Running your own business isn’t easy … and after years of being someone else’s employee, it can be very hard to develop a CEO mindset. To have long-term success, however, it’s important to learn how to serve as the visionary for your business.

These tools will help you work ON your business, not just IN it.


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A 20+ page workbook that walks you through big-picture dreaming and planning for your business. Use this to guide your next CEO Day (a time dedicated only to mapping out the vision for your company).

Learn how to use OKRs to set and achieve big goals in your business. This is the system that giants like Google and Intel use … and you can, too. It’s a powerful method for dreaming bigger while also being entirely strategic.

This collection includes my 5 Steps to a Mindset Shift video series, 30 Days to Positive Thinking (daily action steps to transform your thinking), and a half-dozen workbooks to help you set better goals, overcome imposter syndrome and more!

Shift from scarcity to abundance thinking in 30 days. Get daily emails emails (plus everything in one big workbook) that provide mindset education + action steps to transform your relationship with money.

Purchase everything above
at once and save $86!