PROBLEM: Prior to contacting Becky, Angela knew she had negative thought patterns which were not only causing her personal challenges, but also blocking her from taking her next professional step. She had a career filled with lateral movements, which wasn’t helping her reach the next level.

SOLUTION: “Clarifying my personal values and creating rules for life were so impactful for me. We also identified the triggers that caused me to create negative cyclical patterns, and Becky helped me learn to reframe my negative self-talk. I didn’t always know the plan—and often I would pull us on rabbit trails—but Becky always ensured those trails led back to the goals that we set from the start. I’ve worked with other coaches and strategists, but never had someone who kept me on the path toward the end goal and who’s made such a lasting impact.”

RESULTS: “Previously, I’d complain or feel helpless when in a negative situation, often giving up. Now I have the ability to reframe my thoughts to clearly identify and articulate the problem and work toward a solution. I also now know when to take a break, step back, and evaluate rather than blasting forward in most personal and professional situations. I have the ability to speak decisively with confidence, say no without regret, and own my decisions without hiding from them. And I realize my experience is valuable.”

“I honestly don’t believe I would be in the place I am today without Becky’s mindset work. I was ready, put in the effort, and connected the lessons with my life. I’m a better person today because of the work we did.”

Angela serves as director of marketing for a multi-housing development and management group, leading a team in the discipline of design, public relations, video, audio, and digital.


Values her experience and influence

Speaks decisively and with confidence

Says no without regret

Finds solutions rather than feeling hopeless