Have you ever tried on an article of clothing that claimed to be “one size fits all”? Unless you are a fit model, you’ve probably realized—at best—those clothes are actually “one size fits most” (or, more likely, “one size fits some”). The same can be said for most business advice, courses, tools, and services…what works well for one business owner may not work for you.

Unfortunately, too many companies and consultants take a one-size-fits-all approach to sales. Without context or caveat, they propose their solution as the solution to every business owner’s problems.

Just take a look at a few subject lines from emails sitting in my trash right now:

“The proven 3-step process to land high-value clients”

“3 simple secrets to get perfect clients (even if you don’t have a list!)”

“3 simple sales secrets to render your potential clients objectionless”

(Clearly, there’s power in threes!)

To be clear, I’m sure the experts who sent these emails know their stuff and truly believe in their business advice. They better if they are teaching others, right? I’ve sent many emails offering business advice, too.

The problem is when buyers take claims like these at face value. They fork over hard-earned cash (or worse, go into debt) believing they’re buying the key to their success. Without—insert course, tool, or service here—their business is doomed to fail.

Inevitably, however, the purchase doesn’t change much in their business. Maybe things get a little easier or less confusing, but very likely they don’t suddenly achieve the explosive success they hoped. Why? They put all their eggs in one faulty basket.

They believed that doing one thing (or, more likely, a magical three things) would unlock the doors to success. In truth, it’s almost never so easy. In fact, there is no single secret to success.

So, before buying into any one person’s business advice or investing in any one solution, I urge you to slow down and think critically.

Being in a mastermind or other community (like my Own it, Crush it VIP membership) is a great start. It allows you to turn to other business owners you trust and ask for their input. What purchases did they make that worked out? What didn’t? What do they think about the course, tool, coach, etc. that you’re considering? Do the claims sound legit?

Similarly, this is one way a business coach can help. They should be there to talk you through these decisions and look at them from every angle. Are they right for yourbusiness? Does this serve your goals?

More than anything, though, it’s important to trust your own intuition. What is your gut telling you about a purchase? Do you have that pesky “too good to be true” feeling? Trust that inner voice.

Too many of my clients end up investing in things from a place of fear—FOMO anyone? They’ve lost sight of their mission and values, they’ve lost trust in their instincts, and they’ve let all the voices around them drown out their own.

You know your business better than anyone else. Period. If you don’t feel right about something, it doesn’t matter how many other people are telling you it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So, the next time you get a “buy this or you’re doomed” or “pay me for the secret to success” type of email, think long and hard. It’s not necessarily a bad purchase, but just be sure it’s the right purchase for you.

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