Create the life & business you really want.

Your smarts are your greatest asset…
and they can be your biggest challenge.

Your brain is always spinning. It’s filled with ideas…and angst.

Imposter syndrome. Analysis paralysis. Comparisonitis. Chasing shiny objects.

When the mindset blocks show up, you quickly get caught in an intellectual spin cycle.

“I know these thoughts are stupid, why can’t I make them stop?”
“Why do I keep @!$%-ing sabotaging myself?!”
“I’m smarter than this, why can’t I stop this?”
“I should be able to cure this on my own.”

I feel your pain, and here’s some real talk.

You can’t reason your way out of self-doubt. Logic won’t stop self-sabotage. All the intellect in the world won’t quash fears, erase worry, or end uncertainty. Beating yourself up won’t magically build confidence. The answer also isn’t another marketing course or business podcast.

Stop holding yourself back.

I’m Becky Mollenkamp,
and I want to help you play bigger.

I work with smart people who realize the solution to their problems is more than a beautiful Instagram feed or a perfect email sequence. They know what’s getting in the way of success is themselves.

My clients come to me feeling lost and overwhelmed, riddled with self-doubt and stuck on autopilot. They know they want more, but aren’t entirely sure what, whether they deserve it, or if they have what it takes to make it happen.

My clients leave me with a deeper understanding of what they want and why it matters, practical strategies for stopping self-sabotage (and dealing with life’s challenges), and the confidence to make important and lasting changes.

Let’s eliminate your shoulds,
and uncover what truly matters to you!

You have the power to change.

Wouldn’t it feel great
to quiet the mental clutter?

Your brain is designed to keep you safe, even if that means throwing up roadblocks if you step outside your comfort zone. Ready to stop the sabotage and take control?

I’ve done that hard work, and I want to help you do the same.

Not by…
❌ Telling you to make a pretty vision board
❌ Instructing you to simply think happy thoughts
❌ Convincing you that it’s possible to believe it into being

My work is about…
✔️ Shining a light on the unconscious patterns you’re repeating
✔️ Uncovering what you truly want from your business and life
✔️ Sharing tools to shift yourself out of negative thinking

It’s never too late to rewrite your story. Let’s start now…

Let's Connect!

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