A GUEST POST by Phil K. James of Good Milkshake Digital

My friend Becky asked me to guest post here because she knows I’m one of you. You’re probably a solopreneur who runs a business from a home office with one hand and a mom or dad cleaning snot off your kid’s face with the other. You may be the smartest parent in the world, but dealing with summer vacation can be as difficult as trying to navigate why your kid is throwing a tantrum in the middle of Target. (Oh that’s right, because dad is so mean not to buy you that Pokemon ball. So Mean!).

Here are six tips I’ve found useful for people with a home office and children. (And then keep reading for some Facebook ads advice…)

1. Birth Control. Don’t have children. Just kidding, but not really. But yes, I’m kidding. Maybe. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me. Like last evening, my 6-year-old took my hand and said, “Daddy, you are going to do ninja training with me?” We went to the park a block from our house and did ninja training. He took me over ladders and down slides and we did a slalom thing between some evergreen trees. In the end, he christened me a “Blue Ninja” for completing the training course. How absurdly awesome is that? I’m a ninja now! Anyway, if you want to work and not have kids that take you on ninja training exercises preventing backed up client work, use birth control.

2. Put kids to work. Schedule work time for your kids. Have your kids do your work for you. Seriously, kids are the best content creators. Send them off with your phone to talk to your clients for you. Have them write your blog posts and schedule Facebook ads for your launch. Maybe even give them a microphone to do your podcast interviews on your behalf. Yes, I understand they write at a 2nd grade level and your press releases, sales copy, and blog posts will be about Minecraft and Roblox, but content is content. Don’t talk to me about child labor laws either. This will allow you more time for ninja training. 

3. Send kids on “adventures.” When my 10-year-old twins annoy the shit out of me (yes, I have twins and work from home. For more context, see #1), I tell them to take their bikes and pick flowers from the park so mom has something nice to look at when she gets home from work. When they get back, I tell them the flowers are beautiful and they did well, but mom is more of a fan of peonies and not lilies. “You’ll have to go back and get peonies.” Give them 50 cents for their effort. Tell them to go to the store to buy junk food.

4. Screens. Plop those kids down in front of screens. Don’t feel bad about this. God made Kindles and iPads for busy parents who don’t have time to parent. Let them watch screens even if it’s videos like this one that my 8-year-old watched this morning. Highly educational stuff. They’re learning life lessons like how to slice open dragons and thumb and forefinger dexterity, which are skills we will need we need to defeat ninjas.

5. Pay them. Pay your children with money or candy or ice cream to shut the hell up and give you time to do your business things.

6. Work at 3am. Seriously, sleep is for dummies. Do you operate heavy machinery or drive a semi on ice roads? Of course you don’t. Those people are too busy operating heavy machinery to read blog posts. They need sleep. Do work when there are no distractions. Except for the Internet. And puking sick children. But the Internet is better for puppies and kitty videos. And spend that 3am time writing ninja training manuals. Put those ninja training manuals in your sales funnel and make dozens of dollars in profit.

Awkward transition to the real point of this post…

Facebook lets you retarget to people who visited your website, watched a percentage of your video and are on your email list. Learn how in this video post on https://beckymollenkamp.com

Retargeting Facebook Ads for Busy People

Okay, now that I have your attention and gave you all sorts of value, I’m going to assume you feel like you owe me. And I’m humbled you feel that way. And yes, you kinda owe me. So in an attempt to salvage my reputation, I made a video just for you that shows you three ways to target your Facebook ads that will make you dozens of dollars regardless of your niche or industry.

This is designed for people who are too busy to spend too much time on Facebook ads. You know, the parent whose kid… KEEPS INTERRUPTING HIS FATHER, TRUMAN ANTON JAMES! … I’m assuming you’re not a noob when it comes to Facebook ads, so I won’t bore you with all the mumbo jumbo. I’ll get right at it to give you the most bang for your blog-reading buck. Just a couple notes before you get to the video:

Facebook allows you to retarget to people who have a) visited your website, b) viewed a certain percentage of your Facebook video, and c) are on your email list. You can combine all these into one super great targeting list I call the Voltron List.  I wrote an absurdly long post on this topic on my blog here.

And here’s a PDF that lays out the strategy if you want to nab it for free (you don’t even have to fork over your email to get it!).

(Oh my goodness, now I just gave you even more value. I’m killing it today. Now you owe me like 15 cents worth of your time. I just quantified it, so it’s totally true. So if you like Facebook Ads tips like this, sign up for my new email list. WAIT! Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me, Truman Anton James...

Everyone hates dumb emails, but I will try and make it so you don’t hate me. The emails will be focused on Facebook ads tips and I will answer your questions about them for free in exchange for the right to send you about one email a month. I haven’t sent out an email yet, but it’ll be pretty much one per every three weeks or so until I get more ambitious or decide to sleep less. Sign up here if you wanna.

Phil K. James runs a digital marketing agency the kids call Good Milkshake Digital. He’s the father of four future Chicago Cubs statisticians. (They won’t make the majors, because, you know, bad genetics). In his spare time he takes care of his sunflower seed garden and the flock of chickens in his backyard. He’s married to a smoking hot artist named Nicole and is a certified Blue Ninja by the Abraham J. James School of Ninja Training.