Becky Mollenkamp, Content Strategist and Writing Coach

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I believe words matter.

If you agree there’s value in the words we use, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re an established B2B looking for an off-site CCO (Chief Communications Officer), or an entrepreneur or blogger who wants to become more confident in your own writing abilities, I’m here to help you create quality content and grow your business.

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This is the second in a series of expert interviews. Don't miss the first: A Q&A with Amy Northard, the CPA for Creatives. Everyone seems to have a private Facebook group these days. I'm in a ton of them, and some are amazing...but there are a lot that are just...

Invest in Your Business

GUEST POST from Marissa Lawton Do me a favor and look at this wish list for me: Dubsado: $15/month ConvertKit: $30/month Outsource VA Hours: $50/month Social Media Scheduler: $50/month New DSLR: $350 Online Marketing Course: $500 Facebook Ads Consultant: $1000 New...

Taxes for Creatives

This is the first in a series of expert interviews. Stay tuned for more! As April 15 rapidly approaches, taxes are probably front and center on your mind. If you're like many self-employed folks, just hearing the word taxes gives you a pit in your stomach. How much...