Best Tools for Business Owners

I recommend these tools for business owners. They are the only things I use to run my business, and I think each is worth its weight in gold in the productivity gains it affords me.

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I manage my courses and membership through Podia. It’s affordable, robust, easy-to-use and their customer service is insanely good.

Managing my coaching clients is so much easier now that I run everything (application, emails, files, invoices, etc.) through Honeybook.

I can’t believe how much time I used to waste on back-and-forth emails trying to schedule appointments. Now it’s all streamlined with Acuity.

I use ConvertKit to manage my email list and it makes it so simple to automate everything from welcome sequences to regular newsletters.

Managing social media is so simple with the drag-and-drop buckets available through SmarterQueue.

The pretty photos I use for my social media and blog posts come from Pixistock … a membership is an affordable way to get fresh photos all year long.

I know how to use fancier design programs, but I am truly a Canva convert. It’s so simple and comprehensive that I don’t need anything else. I use it to create all of the graphics on my site.


These are the the products I use every day in my own home office.

The only business tool I cannot live without is my MacBook Pro. Not cheap, clearly, but I’m only on my 2nd in 15 years so well worth the investment in my book.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a chair, but wanted something comfy and stylish. I’m pleased to report this one is everything I hoped it would be!

Again, I don’t like to overspend so I skipped the pricey Yeti mic and picked the ATR2100. It works fantastic for my podcast or any recording.

I use the Neewer stand to attach my mic right to my desk so I look super profesh and I don’t have to deal with setting it up whenever I need it.

For high-quality video without a fancy setup, the Logitech 920 HD webcam is affordable and works great.

No natural light for great video? Use the Neewer Ring Light for pro-quality lighting (warning: if you wear glasses, it creates a circle glare!).

I had Beats. They broke. The PowerLocus headphones are just as stylish (in my opinion) and are working just as well for 1/10th the price. Win!

I’m usually pretty cheap, so you know it says something about the quality of Poppin pens that I’m willing to splurge on them. The best!

It’s a small thing, but these AmazonBasics highlighters make it fun to organize my calendar (using block scheduling to batch similar projects).

These cute lined journals are one of my favorite gifts because they are practical and inspiring.

These feminist stickers are my new favorite way to encourage my community when I send snail mail, while also sending a message about my values.

It’s not an obvious business tool, but this glass water bottle inspires me to drink more water everyday—and health is key to productivity.

Ok, while technically not in my office, my sleep mask is one of my best business tools. I was once a terrible sleeper. Now, with more sleep, I can be more productive at work.

Must-have tools for budget-savvy business owners