Before working with Becky, I was feeling somewhat stagnant in my business. I wanted a wise partner to help me set some goals and stay on track with my actions. During our time together, I refined my message, made significant traction on a podcast and newsletter, and got in touch with my joy again. Plus, immediately after we started working together, I dusted off an old offering, refined it, and enrolled two new amazing clients with ease after just a few weeks—so the financial investment more than paid for itself! Becky is so much more than an accountability coach. She’s also a masterful strategist and thought partner, and goes out of her way to support her clients’ success all while respecting their values, strengths, and life circumstances.Jeni Rogers

“Becky is the person holding up the mirror to help you see the real you. She asks the right questions in the right ways to help you see the badass that you are and to allow yourself to embrace that you. She helps you to ‘unstuck’ yourself by seeing what is causing your fear, embracing it, and moving beyond it. Becky allows you to do big work through easy tools. I would describe Becky as the best friend you dream about having to talk to about your inner fears and desires but don’t think is real. Except that she is!” Martha Stilwell

Zakia Haughton on mindset coaching with Becky Mollenkamp

“Becky has a unique way of helping you get to the root of your sabotage and finding your way back to safety. She serves as a beautiful reminder to practices I’ve learned (but have forgotten) over time, as well as an insightful coach who helps you see beyond the surface, put a name to it, and provides you with the tools to help you navigate the “valleys” of our mind by bringing us back into alignment with our heart.” Zakia Haughton

“Becky’s work is about liberating high-achieving women from patriarchal conditioning so they can reach their goals in a way that feels good. Since working together, I’m more at ease, I don’t see things in black and white as much, and I’m able to put things in perspective as I’m working toward my goals, because the stakes don’t feel so high.” Elli Runkles

“Gutsy Boss because is all about women walking in their power, getting clarity and having tools to help us move forward in a world that would have us believe that we are not worthy or ready to have a business. As an African American woman, Becky’s commitment to anti-racism and to supporting WOC is important because then I don’t have to worry about putting up a guard because the coach isn’t aware of inherent bias or can’t handle if or when I bring up limiting beliefs that are somewhat unique to my experience.” Tirra Hargrow

“I was ready to quit my business entirely before working with Becky. Now I feel so much courage, confidence, and a new perspective on how to be gentler with myself. I developed the courage to take bold actions in a way that feels safe, and an understanding that a sense of grounding and safety is #1 if I want to make any progress in my life or business.” Renee Long

“There was compassion, love, and gentleness that permeated throughout every word Becky spoke. I was seen, heard, and appreciated as I am. She made me feel comfortable just being, as I tapped into those thoughts and feelings that get pushed down and ignored.” Jackie Rodriguez

“I would describe Becky as a force to be reckoned with. She will not give you lip-service, she will ask you questions in a way that shines a light into who you are and why. She’s also incredibly easy to talk to, engaging, and non-judgmental. I would absolutely recommend anyone who is willing to open themselves up to be vulnerable to truly do this work. It was not easy, but it was absolutely worth it. This experience will benefit anyone who would like to feel less stress and anxiety in their life.” Kelly Chandler

“I loved how honest and ‘normal’ Becky is. She didn’t tell me to go get a massage to relax or even assume that she knew what I need. She was truly just interested in helping me figure it out for me. I am sure it is a similar formula for everyone, but it was the fact that she made sure I could apply it to myself that was really the game changer.” Ashley Williamson