Case Studies | Testimonials

“When I started working with Becky, I felt hopeless about my business and ability to make money consistently. Becky helped me work through my own thoughts and beliefs about myself, my worth, and my past experiences, to learn how to approach new thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from a place of self-compassion without judgement. I would recommend Becky to anyone who feels stuck and lacks confidence about the next step.” Erin Alexander

“Becky’s coaching brought out emotions and deeply held feelings, that forced me (in a good way), to address the limiting thoughts I’d had for years.” Theresa Meyer

“When I started working 1:1 with Becky, I was feeling really stuck in my business. I thought I had implemented every strategy possible, yet my business wasn’t moving. Becky helped me uncover some big negative beliefs I had around money, and guided me through the process of shifting them. Becky has been a great mentor and friend and being a part of her community has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. She has helped me get really clear on the direction for my business. Becky is that mentor who is always there, cheering for you. If you are stuck in the head, and need support and guidance, I would recommend Becky in a heartbeat!” Shweta Dawar

“Becky helped me not just stop feeling so frustrated and stuck, but understand HOW I got there in the first place. Because of our work, I now plan my days to feel freaking phenomenal, with almost no effort. As a busy mom and business owner, knowing exactly how to check off my values in small ways has made life feel sooooo much better. If you’re on the fence, you need to just take the plunge! Becky IS the coach you’ve been waiting for, and she’ll help you get out of your own way.” Kyla Roma

“When I started working with Becky I was so frustrated with myself. I go to therapy and have read a million personal growth/development books, and have done a lot of work on mindset, but I KNEW I was still getting in my own way. No matter how much I journaled or talked with trusted friends, I still couldn’t figure out what the sneaky story was that was tripping me up. After our very first session I realized it was a really subtle habit I picked up as a kid and had been carrying with me my whole life. While I’m incredibly driven and have had many successes, I still kept stalling out once I’d reach a certain point. Even in just 4 sessions, Becky was able to help me uncover my “Upper Limit Problem” and find ways I could work through it while also staying true to my core values. Working with Becky was a game changer. I’d recommend her to any smart, savvy, hardworking woman entrepreneur who is suspicious that she’s her own worst enemy.” Erika Tebbens

“Becky teaches you the tools to recognize your own self-sabatoging ways, and helps you learn ways to choose your new habits. She can help you reframe your story and find the facts that allow you to move forward confidently.” Caitlin Clark

“Before working with Becky I was struggling with feeling ready/worthy of moving into my business full-time and leaving my corporate 9-5 lifestyle behind. Working with Becky was great! I loved her real, science-based approach. I appreciated the comfort I felt with Becky to be honest, challenged, and taught new lessons. I liked that I had action items after every call to do and the accountability to do them by the next call. Becky was supportive and understanding when needed, and also firm and clear about her expectations and how I would be letting myself down if I didn’t stick to my goals and take the necessary (sometimes scary/hard) actions. Now I feel like I have solid strategies to manage my fear and imposter syndrome when those thoughts come up. I feel prepared to move into the next level of my business and life!” Jenesis Long