A group accountability experience

The support you need to reach your goals!

Spring is turning to Summer … and this is the time of year that it becomes easy to lose sight of your goals. Don’t let yourself fall behind and regret it when Fall arrives.

THE NEXT 90 DAYS are critical to maintaining your momentum on your 2024 goals.

For most people, it’s far easier to stick with your plan and stay engaged when things get difficult when you have support. Join this group program and we’ll help you stay on track in April, May, and June.

Inside this small-group program, you’ll find the tools you need to cast a plan and take meaningful action. You’ll also get support when you encounter roadblocks (because there are always roadblocks), and you’ll find your loudest cheerleaders for when you make progress and ultimately hit your goal.

make 2024 your best year yet!

>> THE NEXT 90 KICKS OFF ON MONDAY, April 8th <<

The first 90

A group accountability program to help complete a project by end of Q2.

Kickoff calls are the week of April 8th (Mondays OR Fridays at 12 pm Central; you choose which day works best for you)

—> Week 1 of each month, we’ll map out a concrete plan for the next 30 days.

—> Week 2, we’ll meet for quiet co-working so you can cross off your to-dos.

—> Week 3,  we’ll meet as a group to discuss progress and solve challenges.

—> Week 4, we’ll celebrate your wins in a private community space (no call).

The Next 90 includes three 1-hour calls each month in April, May, and June. All calls are on Mondays OR Fridays (you choose which you prefer) at 12 pm Central (1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific). 

* Maximum group size is 8.

This is an intersectional feminist space. 

We do not subscribe to hustle culture! It’s not only acceptable but wonderful if your goal for the Next 90 is to do nothing, do less, take up a hobby, laugh more, or absolutely anything else.

You will receve as much or more encouragement and praise as anyone else pursuing a work-related goal!

Also, this is not the space for you if you don’t share these core feminist principles: abortion is healthcare, transwomen are women, and Black lives matter. 


The Next 90 is offered using an equitable pricing model. Please select the option that best describes your current life circumstances.


This price is meant for folks who would find joining our group at full price to be a sacrifice, but it would not create true hardship. If you need a bigger discount to prevent hardship, email becky@beckymollenkamp.com.


Regular Price

This is the actual cost of membership, and is meant for folks who can comfortably meet their basic needs, plus have expendable income to regularly purchase books, fancy coffee, new clothes, subscriptions, etc.


Pay it Forward

The extra money you pay helps to supplement those who have less financial privilege. Please select this option if doing so presents no hardship and you want to give back by supporting other members of the community.