You’re ready for more.

More confidence. More visibility. More empowerment.
Bigger opportunities. Better-paying clients. 

I see you.

You’re working hard to create the life of your dreams…while navigating life and its MANY demands. Career and family get most of your attention, and friends get what you can spare.

Overwork and overwhelm have paid off in many ways. You’ve achieved a lot and have built a life that (to the outside world) is pretty fucking impressive.

The only problem? Things may look good on paper but you can’t help thinking, “is this all there is?”

Scrolling Instagram doesn’t help. It feels like everyone else has their shit together, and you’re the only one who feels:
• somehow not enough and too much at the same damn time;
• crippling self-doubt (despite your many credentials);
• pressure to do, have and be more—yesterday;
• stretched thinner than melted butter on a hot biscuit;
• seething jealousy of women who get “me time”;
…and completely clueless about how to change any of it.

✅ You have a bookshelf full of personal development books (some you’ve read, most are on your lengthy to-do list).
✅ You downloaded the Calm app, but meditation” is just a frustrating 10 minutes of fighting nonstop brain chatter.
✅ You put things in your pretty planner, but it’s packed so full that looking at it only makes you sad and angry.
✅ You attend therapy sometimes, but it’s starting to feel more like rumination than progress.
✅ You do yoga (when you can fit in the schedule) and it feels nice, but isn’t making a dent in the bigger problems.

You’ve convinced yourself that if you were just more organized and productive, and could push through the fear, then you’d finally have the happiness you desire.

Can I tell you something?

This 2-steps-forward-1-step-back way of life is painful. It’s also costing you more than you realize…

💲 A new personal development book each month with more tips than you can use in a lifetime ($240/year)
💲 Meditation app that you opened daily for a week, but that now just taunts you ($70)
💲 (Another) pretty paper planner that gets used January-March, then forgotten until December ($60)
💲 A monthly therapy session that feels good, except when it doesn’t ($1,800/year)
💲 Weekly yoga classes you often skip because there just isn’t time ($780/year)

… that adds up to $246/month

[And that doesn’t include the $1 million you’ll lose in a lifetime by not asking for the money you deserve professionally.]

That’s only part of the picture. There are so many intangible costs that hurt far more than losing money…

💔 Feeling resentment towards your spouse, your career, your kids (oof, you could never say that aloud).
💔 Chasing one achievement after another, only to find it never fills the void.
💔 Losing sleep worrying about how you’ll accomplish everything and make everyone happy.
💔 Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, not trusting yourself, and feeling less than.

It’s all too much.

That’s why I’m putting my stake in the ground to say it’s no longer acceptable for women, femmes, and thems to pay such a heavy price. That’s why my mission is to help them unlearn their patriarchal conditioning, discover their power, and create a life that FEELS as good as it looks.

Now I feel confident navigating my way through life, while bringing the parts of me that are afraid along for the ride. I’m much more relaxed, I’m allowing things to happen vs. forcing them, and I feel more me than I have in over a year.

Zakia Haughton

You deserve it all.

Making more money while working fewer hours.

Serving more people and making a difference in people’s lives.

Showing up as the industry authority and leader you know you can be.

Paying off debt, giving to causes you care about, and splurging on yourself.

Saying no when you mean it, enforcing your boundaries, putting your own needs first, and generally not giving a shit what others think of you.

Sound impossible?

I get it. You’ve tried to “fix your mindset” before, but it never seems to stick.

Maybe you think that’s your fault. It’s not. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with you! 

You weren’t slacking, my friend, and you’re not a failure. You were waiting for this opportunity. Right here.

What does it take to “have it all”?

A coach to guide you through the process.

A coach who’s been where you are. 

A coach who can answer your questions and calm your fears.

A coach to help you set goals based on what you learn, and then take powerful action.

An inclusive community of friends in the same boat.

Friends who are awakening their inner BOSS right alongside you.

Friends to share your struggles and make the burdens lighter.

Friends to cheer on your successes (big and small) when others don’t get it

A way to stay on track.

A coach committed to your ongoing success (not a one-time sale).

Friends to check in on you and root for you when the going gets tough (and it will).

Access to tools that will keep you from falling back into your old patterns.

I approached Gutsy Boss Club with cynicism, but my mind is changed. Becky and this community will help you wherever you are, however you are. Even through just one interaction, your cynicism will completely flip. You’ll see how real this is, and how this is the inner work that you’re looking to do.

Jackie Rodriguez

You can have more of what you want (money, influence, joy) with less of what you don’t (time, struggle, sacrifice).

By learning the Gutsy Boss method, you can build the money-making, time-rich, and soul-satisfying life of your dreams.

introducing the

The Gutsy Boss Club is a close-knit membership for smart, ambitious people like you—tired of taking one step forward and two steps back, and ready to find the key that will unlock your full potential.

What you get:

After working with hundreds of high-achievers like you, I know this…you don’t have time for fluff. You also don’t need one more person telling you to just “feel the fear and do it anyway.” You need a proven process that allows you to see more transformational and sustainable results, in less time.


A Gutsy Mindset

Immediate access to Becky’s flagship Gutsy Boss Program, including 3 months of weekly lessons and tools to help you think and feel more confidently so you can take courageous actions toward your big, scary goals. Each week takes about an hour to complete.


Personalized and Ongoing Support

In twice monthly group coaching calls, Becky will address your specific challenges (with the course content and in your daily life) and provide additional lessons and exercises to continue strengthening your mindset.


Monthly Journaling Prompts to Fast-Track Your Growth

Journaling can help you maintain a powerful mindset, so Becky will share thought-provoking prompts each month that will help you avoid falling back into old your tricks and traps.


Quarterly Book Club + Mini Challenges

Our quarterly book club will help you explore some of the most transformative mindset books, and quarterly challenges will push you outside your comfort zone (because the best stuff happens there!).


Cheerleaders to Keep You Going

You don’t have to go it alone! Find community with like-minded women, femmes, and thems who are also committed to thinking and playing bigger in our private Slack community (because let’s stop giving Zuckerberg more of our time, energy, and money!).


Quarterly Guest Expert Trainings

In addition to Becky’s coaching, you’ll get quarterly trainings from experts on a variety of related topics, including mindfulness, embodiment, health, and more.

All under…


An Intersectional Feminist Lens

There’s no love-and-light, toxic positivity happening here. Your lived experience will never be dismissed or diminished, and no one is going to tell you to “just think happy thoughts” to get over sexism, racism, ableism, fatphobia, or any other systemic bullshit that is put on you.


An Inclusive Community

Our members come from all walks of life. There are women, femmes, and thems ages 20s-60+, of different shapes and colors, self-employed and traditionally employed, from countries around the globe. Racism (or any hate) is not tolerated in this safe space.


A Holistic Approach

This isn’t “one size fits all” or “3-step solution” crap (you’ve tried all of that and know it doesn’t work). Friend, you are a unique and complex … and you deserve more than generic and over-simplified advice. In Gutsy Boss Club, you’ll get an array of tools so you can find what works best for you. Plus, we examine ALL the facets of your experiences because all of it matters.

Ready to get out of your own way and go after your dreams?

Take gutsy action today!

the gutsy boss club

As an African American woman, Becky’s commitment to anti-racism and to supporting WOC is important because then I don’t have to worry about putting up a guard because the coach isn’t aware of inherent bias or can’t handle if or when I bring up limiting beliefs that are somewhat unique to my experience.

Tirra Hargrow

Becky Mollenkamp is a certified coach who is on a mission to remove shame and blame from coaching. She helps women, femmes, and thems learn to use compassion as the key to unlock their potential and the lives of the dreams.

She owned a six-figure content marketing agency for a dozen years before becoming a coach in 2017. Since then, she has helped thousands of people go after their dreams, while also finding contentment in the here and now.

To save you time if it’s not a good fit, here are the 3 types of people who aren’t right for The Gutsy Boss Club

1. You’re looking for a quick fix to all of your problems:

I know that you are the type of person who likes to take action. When there’s a problem, you solve it. FAST.

That’s an amazing asset for tasks like responding to an angry customer or managing a cross-country move.

It’s less helpful when you want to make major mindset shifts.

You can’t check off a few boxes and expect to rewrite a lifetime of thought patterns. Lasting change takes time.

If you’re looking for a checklist to quickly tackle so that you can mark “work on mindset” off your to-do list…you won’t find that here.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to:

  • learn how your brain works, reflect on your own lifelong patterns,
  • put proven tools into practice,
  • tweak them to find what works for YOU, and then
  • make and learn from mistakes (with the support of a coach and community),

… you’re in the right place.

2. You’re looking for a shiny, happy solution to life’s problems:

The personal development space is littered with white women preaching “love and light” as the answer to all challenges.

But really, that message is dishonest and dangerous.

Any mindset coach or program that doesn’t acknowledge the realities of systemic oppression is contributing to it. Period.

There’s a lot more to mindset than just thinking happy thoughts, and there’s simply no place in The Gutsy Boss Club for toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing.

If you’re looking for an intersectional feminist approach to this work—and want to become more powerful (in part) so you can help smash the patriarchy—then you’ll find a home in The Gutsy Boss Club.

3. You’re not ready to dig in and DO THE WORK:

The Gutsy Guarantee is there so that you can feel fully confident you’ll see noticeable changes in how you think and feel when you apply what you learn in The Gutsy Boss Club to your own life.

It’s not there so that you can watch the first video, download one worksheet, join but never participate in the Slack community, and then get pissed because you don’t feel any different.

Respect the teachings and the community, put in the effort to do the work, and I promise you’ll realize noticeable changes.

Still here?

Then chances are good you’re exactly the kind of person whose life would be positively transformed by the science-backed mindset program, group coaching sessions, and supportive community that are all part of The Gutsy Boss Club.

I would absolutely recommend it anyone who is willing to open themselves up to be vulnerable to truly do this work. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. It will benefit anyone who would like to feel less stress and anxiety in their life.

Kelly Chandler

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve consumed more personal development books, podcasts, and blog posts than I can count. Is there really anything new in the Club?

Truth be told, much of what I teach can be found elsewhere. If you’ve read enough personal development books, then at least some of it will likely be familiar. 

But here’s the thing… 

Learning about mindset in books, podcasts, and YouTube videos hasn’t worked for you. And there’s a reason.

Trying to DIY a mindset shift is like trying to scratch your own back. Possible? Sure. A heck of a lot easier with hands-on help? You bet.

When you join The Gutsy Boss Club, you will immediately begin learning my three-part framework that’s been called “priceless” and a “life saver.” 

More importantly, you’ll get access to bi-monthly live group coaching calls where you can ask questions specific to your unique challenges and circumstances.

You don’t get this level of support from self-help books, podcasts, and videos.

I believe I probably NEED this program—I just don’t have the TIME. I have so much else going on right now. Why should I add “work on my mindset” to my to-do list?

I see you. In addition to your already full plate, the world has thrown even more at you in the last year. 

You’re just trying to keep your shit together, how can you possibly worry about chasing your dreams? When the world feels chaotic, who has time for something as “silly” as personal development?

There are days when I feel exactly the same way, but…

The better question might be this: How much longer can you afford to put yourself and your growth on the back burner?

Wanting more from life (even when things are really, really hard) isn’t silly or selfish. And working to improve your mindset is never a waste of time or money. 

You deserve to dream and play bigger, personally and professionally. 

But even more importantly, you deserve to find contentment in the here and now.

To do that, you must develop a healthy, proactive, and empowered relationship with your thoughts and feelings. 

Until then, circumstances can change, but you’ll likely stay stuck.

The Gutsy Boss Club can help. 

You’ll discover how your mind works, how that affects your feelings, and how to make more intentional and empowered choices.

There’s a time commitment for the work, of course, but it’s likely much less than what you currently spend scrolling social media or watching Netflix every week—and it promises a far greater return on investment.

Do I get access to everything all at once?

As soon as you sign up for The Gutsy Boss Club, you’ll have access to the first lesson of the flagship mindset training program (available only to Club members). Each week for the next three months, you’ll receive additional lessons.

You can also immediately attend the bi-monthly coaching calls to get your specific questions answered, and join the private Slack space for members to find support and camaraderie.

As a smart, high-achieving person who takes pride in getting shit done, you may be disappointed that you can’t knock out all of the content in a day. 

But this isn’t work you can rush through and still expect to get meaningful results.

It’s taken a lifetime to develop your current thought and action patterns, it’s not realistic to rewrite them in a few days or weeks. 

The Gutsy Boss program isn’t about checking “mindset” off your to-do list. It’s about developing a deeper understanding of yourself, making lasting changes, and learning practical tools you can use for a lifetime.

Remind me again what I get when I sign up today?

Join me in The Gutsy Boss Club and you’ll get…

The Gutsy Boss Program — A foundational training that includes everything I share with my one-on-one clients. Get 3 months of weekly lessons and tools so that you can think and feel more confident and take courageous actions toward your big, scary goals.

Personalized, ongoing support from Becky during twice monthly group coaching calls. Get answers to your specific challenges and learn even more tools to continue strengthening your mindset.

Thought-provoking questions to strengthen your mindset. Each month, Becky will share journaling prompts that will help you avoid falling back into old your tricks and traps.

✅ A holistic approach with quarterly trainings from outside experts to expand your mindset work into such areas as mindfulness, embodiment, health, and more.

Fun programs like a book club to explore some of the most transformative mindset books, and group challenges to push you outside your comfort zone (because the best stuff happens there!).

Community of like-minded friends who are also committed to thinking and playing bigger in our private Slack community (because let’s stop giving Mark Zuckerberg our time, energy, and money). You don’t have to go it alone!

What if I can't make a group coaching call?

Replays of every call will be made available within 24 hours and will remain available for 2 weeks (each call will be taken down and replaced with the next live call). Attending live allows you to ask questions, but you’ll still benefit from hearing what others asked and the additional teachings Becky provides.

Why Slack? Doesn't everyone use Facebook for community?

Many coaches do use Facebook for the community discussion portion of their memberships. Here’s why I’m not following suit:

1. Facebook groups aren’t really great for conversations. With post after post, it can be difficult find anything and it can all quickly devolve into useless noise. In Slack, we can thread conversations using a variety of themed channels, making it easier to follow along.

2. Going to Facebook is a recipe for distraction. You go to check our group, and 2 hours later you’ve fallen down a deep rabbit hole of peeping photos of your ex and telling off your racist uncle. You’re ambitious with big goals, and you don’t have time for such nonsense. With Slack, you can check the group and leave. There’s nothing else there (including ads) to distract you.

3. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg. Why? For starters, he’s a misogynist who started Facebook as a tool for ranking women (yes, that’s true and disgusting). Also, he makes his money (and heaps of it) by selling your attention. Let’s stop making a rich white man even richer by giving him real estate in our brains!

Yes, Slack may mean a slight learning curve for you (don’t worry—I give you a tutorial right when you join), but I hope you agree it’s worth it.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! The 21-day Gutsy Guarantee means if you do the work and don’t feel improvements after the first three weeks, I’ll refund your membership fee.

Do I have to be a feminist?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, that’s up to you, but Becky is committed to smashing white patriarchy (ie, doing whatever she can to dismantle the sexist, racist, hateful systems that keep power in the hands of white, straight, able-bodied men). If you’re not comfortable with that language, you will likely be very uncomfortable in this space.

There is a clear rule in Gutsy Boss Club: Racism and other hate has no room here.

Don’t wait. Now is the time to upgrade your mindset, so you can upgrade your life.

Join the Gutsy Boss Club for just $249