Gutsy Guide to Navigating 'Imposter Syndrome'

for females, femmes and thems ready to opt out of patriarchy and confidently define success on their own terms.

Do you sometimes (or very often) feel like a fraud? It's only a matter of time before everyone realizes it, and your career is ruined?

You're not alone.

Those feelings aren't true, and they aren't your fault. They are a symptom of living in patriarchy, not an indication of your "mindset problem."

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• What "Imposter Syndrome" is (and, more important, what it isn't).

• The two primary causes of "Imposter Syndrome" (hint: they have nothing to do with your mindset) .

• Why this all-too-common phenomenon isn't your fault.

• Strategies for not letting these feelings hold you back from going after what you want.

Most important: What I'll share isn't about blaming you, using guilt to motivate you, or otherwise buying into the patriarchal narrative about "Imposter Syndrome."

It's about time we discuss these feelings through an intersectional feminist lens.

"Thank you for helping me feel more confident." Chanda

"I love your approach to this work. It's so needed." Traci

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