LinkedIn for Small Business

Learn how to get found by your ideal clients on LinkedIn and turn the site into a lead-generating machine.

LinkedIn can help you land clients who pay more, pay on time, and are more likely to give you ongoing work.

Are you busy chasing the same small business owners your competitors are all pursuing? You know, people with small budgets who you worry won’t pay on time or (worse) at all?  

If you’re ready to ditch the chase and instead find high-paying corporate clients, take a look at LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network with more than 500 million members. It’s where decision makers for all the large (and most of the small) companies go when they need to hire help.  

It’s also the perfect place to get in front of wholesalers and vendors, find speaking gigs, and land media opportunities. Basically, it’s a place where you can be found by people with deep pocketbooks and big influence.  

If you’re not using LinkedIn or if you’re still treating it like a static resume, you’re missing out. Stop leaving money on the table and start using LinkedIn to grow your business. This course will show you how.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a LinkedIn account
  • Devise a keyword strategy for your profile
  • Use photos and graphics to make your profile more attractive 
  • Solicit recommendations from peers and clients
  • Optimize your profile to increase your search rankings 
  • Customize your settings to get found 
  • Use content to stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects 
  • Decide what content to create and how to share it 
  • Find and make connections 
  • Start conversations on LinkedIn
  • Move those relationships offline
  • Join and participate in groups to build your network

You can complete this course (and completely overhaul your LinkedIn profile) in an afternoon. Bite-size videos and a helpful workbook make it easy to follow along and complete the program in short bursts.

If you’ve been meaning to learn how to leverage LinkedIn for your business, now is the time to stop thinking about it and start taking action!

Becky’s LinkedIn Story

I’ve spent 13 years growing a successful content marketing business working with mid- to large-size corporate clients. For many years, LinkedIn has been my top referral source and new clients routinely find me through LinkedIn (not the other way around).

LinkedIn is directly responsible for more than half of the annual income in my content marketing business. Currently, just two of my clients (who found me via LinkedIn) account for nearly $50k of income alone.

The amount of time I spend using LinkedIn is minimal compared to the amazing ROI I get. The clients I’ve landed using LinkedIn not only pay better than the solopreneurs I’ve worked with, they pay quickly and on time (reliability). They also almost always come back for repeat work on an ongoing basis (consistency). Even better, many have been receptive to retainer work (stability).

Investment: $129

It’s time to get serious about LinkedIn.

“I recently took Becky’s LinkedIn course and I was truly blown away at the wealth of information she shared. I have been on LinkedIn for a little over 3 years and I thought I was I rocking LinkedIn. Becky flipped me on my ear. Her course, step by step, walked me through how to optimize my profile, how to interact and so much more. I am already seeing major changes from implementing her advice. If you are struggling or need a boost on LinkedIn, definitely get Becky’s course!”

Paula C.

“I knew that Becky was an expert on LinkedIn, so when I learned that she had created a course sharing her expertise, I jumped on it. Sure enough, the course was great, and I learned best practices that I was able to implement immediately. The videos and materials were clear and concise, easy to watch, and the whole course didn’t take up a ton of my time, which I value. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this underutilized resource.”

Kourtney T.

“I’ve been struggling to figure out how to best use LinkedIn for a while. Becky’s LinkedIn course was a LIFESAVER! Becky gives clear, actionable steps to better utilize LinkedIn throughout the course and I now see that I was ignoring a great resource simply because I didn’t understand it.”

Jenn Z.

Don’t wait. Start using LinkedIn to your advantage now.