PROBLEM: A decade into her career, Ann Marie felt confused, overwhelmed, and lost. She was unclear about her path. She didn’t even realize she had so many mindset blocks, she just knew she wasn’t bringing in enough money monthly in her business and something needed to change.

SOLUTION: “Becky is part coach, part mentor, part friend, part sounding board. The questions she asked, the completely nonjudgmental feel of our conversations, and the examples she provided all sparked so much in me. She opened up about herself exactly enough for me to feel completely open, and like I could speak and work out what I needed to with my mindset issues.”

RESULTS: “I no longer blame myself for other people’s reactions when I know I am making the right decision about something. I cannot emotionally babysit people, but, also, I cannot financially babysit people either.”

“I stopped discounting my services based on what I perceive someone can afford. I now confidently charge more, based on the value of the work. By the end of 2019, I had tripled the income I was making at the beginning of the year.”

Ann Marie is certified by Google and uses the tool to prove the value of digital marketing for large and small brands. She’s also a mom to a toddler, and loves a good craft beer.


Confidence to take action

Greater understanding of self

Doesn’t blame herself for others’ reactions

Stopped discounting services