It seems like every coach has a business membership community these days, right? I’m no exception, but I do happen to think my community is exceptional.

In fact, there’s nothing I’m more proud of having created than the Own it, Crush it VIP membership community. (Well, other than my amazing son, of course!)

It’s big talk, and I absolutely mean it.

Of course, I realize you don’t yet know how magical VIP is. I also know that investing in a membership is a big decision. You need to be certain it’s a space where you’ll feel comfortable and where you’ll get a good return on your investment.



The truth is, VIP isn’t for everyone. In this post, I want to help you really understand the membership so you can decide if it’s right for you. That’s why I want to do more than just tell you about VIP. I want to give you a sneak peek at what you really get.

This post offers a peek behind the curtain by giving a snapshot of everything that happens in the group within a specific month (January 2019).

Each month, the group has a specific theme (Focus, in this case). We read a related book together (“How to Get Sh*t Done” by Erin Falconer for Jan. 2019), participate in a monthly challenge together (here it’s creating & implementing block scheduling), and learn from a keynote presenter (CEO of Hello Boss Ashley Knight here). I also be share my best tips related to the theme.

Each month is also dotted with other fun, inspiring, and practical activities—co-working, mastermind hot seats, book club chat, and a virtual mixer.

Perhaps best of all, we kick off each month with a two-hour CEO Seat … it’s a structured group planning session where we map out your month so you know what you need to do each week to reach your goals. Every VIP member is assigned an accountability pod when they join, so they have a group of bosses invested in making sure they do what they said they would each month.

Everything happens live, but I know it’s not realistic for most members to fit everything into their busy schedules. That’s why the events are also recorded and made available right away for watching at your leisure.

The content lives on forever in the membership dashboard. Members can access everything at any time—grab the month’s schedule, challenge information, bonus resources from me, and all the videos.

Plus, members have access to an ever-growing library of masterclasses (there are more than 30 videos right now) from a bunch of smart guest lecturers. They cover general business tactics, social media tactics, mindset help, writing tips, and more.

What I can’t show so easily is the community. That’s something you have to experience to really understand. As soon as you join, you get access to the private Facebook and Slack groups where a lot of the real magic of VIP happens.

All I can do is tell you what others say about it, and hope you can feel the sincerity in what they are saying:

  • “The supportive, caring, and brilliant women inside VIP are why I will continue to be a member for as long as I can” Ann Marie O’Braskin
  • “OICI VIP is full of supportive, engaged, and encouraging people, who gladly share insights and tips to help one another grow their businesses.” Katie Wood
  • “I have never belonged to a group where people are so willing to help one another just to simply be helpful. You actually feel how much people care about others in the group.” Jacqueline Julien
  • “When you’re here and surrounded by so many other business women who have passion and drive it really makes the difference.” Nicole Amos

It’s a lot for only $75 a month (with no long-term commitment). I hope this gave you a good glimpse into what you’ll get and how you’ll feel when you join VIP.



If you want in, get on the wait list. Doors only open three times a year, and you don’t want to miss one of those opportunities (the next enrollment period is coming in early December 2018).

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